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just thoughts, on how it would be...

to simplify, my composition of the city and myself as city.  what i would do if i went... a Professional Occupation:  to sit in one place writing for a day and imagining the action i would like to perform - ending the day by performing that action.   [more]
Posted by lo bil on 4/3/13

death of my heart in a paris café (sample, 2008)

“Death of My Heart in a Paris Café” Please read these aesthetic directives aloud as my heart collapses inward like an accordion:   Collectivize   Read something once and use it as a foundational guideline   Reuse, abandon, reintegrate   Have sex once and know it is forever repeatable at any given moment   Pile fragments into architecture   Find a physical practice   Insert myself into the New World Order, asserting internally: I will never allow myself... [more]
Posted by lo bil on 4/2/13


  Within the context of montage, I initiate this procedure on each document I encounter in the Archive, towards a performative end: Find fragments that I feel belong in My Paris (the Paris I am building for myself here at home in Toronto), using intuitive grazing of media and personal journals, and trusting my intuition about what belongs in the Collection.  Enunciate the Paris-ishness of each fragment.   Brainstorm any potential political signifiers in each fragment.  Find connections... [more]
Posted by lo bil on 4/1/13

Google Chat Collective Monologue (a collectively written document)

We were talking about anxieties in our writing practice.  Perhaps in this state, we can create something about anxiety, go right into it rather than letting it make us freeze.  There's so much anxiety in the socio-political world that generates poetic ideas. And why is there so much anxiety around the audience getting things?  “Reaching an audience” doesn't mean they get a specific meaning.  It could just be a different rhythm from what was imagined, or a spontaneous engagement with the... [more]
Posted by lo bil on 4/1/13

blind contour of email to R: EVERY 5TH WORD/80% EDIT

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Posted by lo bil on 4/1/13

This Red Suit

I saw the colour red in the window.  A bright red suit right next to the 50% off sign and I thought: I have always wanted a red suit.  I went in, it didn’t fit, but they did have this (touches the suit she is wearing). As soon as I had it on, the owner who designs all the clothes began measuring me, complementing me and telling me:  it fits, it looks good on you - she would just need to make a few alterations.  So I had already decided I was going to buy this suit when she pulls out a... [more]
Posted by lo bil on 4/1/13


   ZEN KOAN REVISION be still have faith do nothing it’s Paris [more]
Posted by lo bil on 4/1/13

Ghost Hole - documentation/story/scene

  MIREILLE I walked around the circle.  Malik played piano.  I must’ve circled 50 times before anyone came in.  It was hard taking the corners in these shoes.  I realized I was walking back in time.  I didn’t like where I was going but the action was simple enough.   A girl came in the room, “oohh spooky!” she said and ran away.  We were in this haunted school, people with their art projects.  I was supposed to give a tour but I wanted to do something more arty.  This was it.  Simple means. ... [more]
Posted by lo bil on 4/1/13

Taste - "Travel is Easy" excerpt

(I have left this unruly chart around the lines not out of neglect, but out of a desire to see the words encaged.) (?!)  Abe: You’re late.   Shiree: It’s not my style you know that, I got caught in traffic. Abe: You were coming from the other side of town in rush hour, what did you expect?   Shiree: Not an hour and half drive. Abe: Think harder next time.  Dinner is cold. Shiree: So are... [more]
Posted by lo bil on 4/1/13