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Death of My Heart in a Paris Cafe (Redhead, "Neurotic Playground" Exhibition still, Aug 2008 Performance, Accordion
My Paris Couture, Feb 2008 Performance, Photography, Paper
My Death of Marat, Feb 2008 Performance, Photography, Paper
Vortex (Professional Occupation), Sep 2008 Performance, Photography, Paper, Wood Desk
Surrender (Professional Occupation), Sep 2008 Performance, Photography, Paper, Wood Desk
Plaisir , May 2010 Performance, Velour, Rubber Coated Fabric, Foam
VagiNoh, Jul 2010
Howling Wall (still from Paris of Nothing salon), Aug 2008 Performance, Paper
Death of My Heart in a Paris Cafe (still from Paris of Nothing salon), Aug 2008 Performance, Paper, Accordion
Tornado (Redhead "Neurotic Playground" Exhibition), Aug 2008 Photograph, Performance, Furniture Installation By Leonardo Ramírez (Mexico)
Become the Painting (Redhead, "Neurotic Playground" Exhibition), Aug 2008 Photography, Performance, Paintings By Ana Quiroz (Mexico)
March (401 Richmond, "Professional Occupassion" still), Oct 2008 Photography, Performance
inspired by other occupations , Jun 2008
Professional Occupation: Winter, Dec 2007
Professional Occupation: Preoccupation, Dec 2007 Performance
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OCAD University - Ontario College of Art and Design, 2005, B.A. cinema semiotics philosophy
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installation, performance, sculpture, exhibition/performance

LO BIL writer-performer

 Lo Bil is an emerging artist with credits in collective and solo creation for stage and site-specific interactive performances, spoken word and film/video writing and performance, direction, workshop facilitation, and concept development for shows and participatory installations.

Most recent performances include: Homology Excogitator performance within The Cale Weird Showat Buddies In Bad Times, March 2013;  Tous les petits mots ont besoin le plus grand soinperformance in French at Le Labo, January 2013;  La Vagina” performance within Shine Cabaret, January 2013;  “The Mysterious Diary of Miss Ruth Dean’s Ghost” improvised performance at Ghost Hole IV, October 2013;  readings with “The Unmentionables” at Shine Cabaret, September 2012 and Nuit Blanche, October 2012;  dancer for Aimee Dawn Robinson in Fire on the Water, August 2012; “My Paris: Experiment #.01” performance at Box Salon, July 2012; “My Paris: Experiment 0” and “A Woman’s Decision” performances in Adam Lazarus’ Performance Weekend, May 2012;  performance in “Masterclass with Phillippe Gaulier” at Second City Toronto, April 2012.

 A diversity of past projects include: Memory Machine an interactive installation for 600 students at OCAD University, 2009; “Pleasure Addicts performance for Brenda Goldstein/FADO 2009; Passion Project: a Lecture-Demonstration 2009, directed by Fiona Griffiths, performance research into creating a “multi-directional image life" for characters in Greek Tragedy;  The Principal2009, an interactive character performance for Gibraltar Centre for the Arts on Toronto Island;  “What is Important?” performances from a workshop with bbb Johannes during 7a*11d, 2008;  “be(longing) 2008, an interactive poetry event at ISIS Canada  “A Professional Occupassion at 401 Richmond for Nuit Blanche 2008 and 2007, and A Professional Occupation 2008, a city-wide tour of participatory performances.

Lo received an Ontario Arts Council Word of Mouth grant in 2008 to do a city-wide tour of "A Professional Occupation". The project involved a series of 5-day performance actions of sitting in various public locations writing at a mobile desk, and the creation of spoken word performances that relate to the community they were written from. This work investigates the relationship between identity, citizenship, and artistic labour.  Lo performed part of this project entitled "A Professional Occupassion" at Nuit Blanche 2007 and 2008.

In April 2008, Lo's "My Paris of Nothing - Island Version" invited audiences into an installation and engaged them in a post-modern salon. This project is currently being developed and excerpts were recently shown at Louise Bak’s The Box Salon at The Rivoli, Toronto, July 2012 and at Adam Lazarus’ weekend of workshop performances at Pia Bouman Studios in May 2012.

Lo has also been featured in: Somebody is Watching Us actor, Maximum Exposure, dir. Maxime Desmons, 2008; “Find the Joy” concept development, direction & performance in a video featuring community writing, Riddle Films 2009; "This Night and Not Some Other" live performance & video for Anita Ponton's interactive video workshop, Hysteria 2007; "Jeff Koons" actor in Theatre-Radio-Play workshop with Robert Lippok, 2007; "Made in Taiwan" interactive character for A. Sokoloski, Union Gallery, Kingston, 2007, "The Gretchen Tour" character within an programmed performance at Nuit Blanche 2006, "Split Focus" performance and video for Fettfilm interactive video workshop, Goethe Institute 2005; and "Loitering: A Step in the Right Direction" installation collaborator for Jess Dobkin workshop at the ARC social activist festival.

Within her company, intelligence: a performance collective, Lo has created four plays that have been produced: "The Minty Peel Show" (Toronto Fringe 2000), "Minty Peel Solo" (Edinburgh Fringe 2000), "The Art of Drinking" (Canadia Dell'Arte Theate 2002), "Universal Anatomy" (Toronto Fringe 2004); produced 4 multi-artist clown cabarets (Lula Lounge 2003-4) and over written and performed over 30 short comedy cabaret pieces for various venues.

Lo's projects begin in the studio with Grotowski-based physical improvisations and writing on her feet.  Lo has an Honours B.A. from the University of Toronto in Cinema, Semiotics and Philosophy, is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory, and has studied acting, clown, bouffon, dance, voice, improvisation and poetry, play, and performance writing with practitioners from Canada, the U.S., England, France, Germany, Brazil, the Philippines, Cuba and Japan.