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I am a visual artist, designer, and writer focused on sustainability and social design. I have a BFA in Furniture Design from Savannah College of Art and Design and am working on an MS degree in Fabric Product Design at the College of Textiles at NC State. There, I am a research and teaching assistant to Dr. Hoon Joo Lee, an expert in technical, protective fabrics as well as mass customization. My own research focuses on how we can cultivate more meaning in our material culture, what... [more]
Posted by Anna Troupe on 3/31/13

Hope Fabric Design Essay

"Weaving Hope Creating Love" social design project between Muhammad Yunus' Grameen Check and Japanese philanthropic design firm, Felissimo. My concept is currently in production in Bangladesh where weavers create it in six colorways. The fabric is sent to Japan and made into eco-friendly items and sold with proceeds going to fund bicycle-powered water filtration systems in Bangladesh. This project is so meaningful to me because Muhammad Yunus was my hero as soon as I read his book, Creating a... [more]
Posted by Anna Troupe on 3/31/13

As Ideal as it Gets: Volunteer-built Handmade School in Bangladesh for "Learning With Joy"

Architect Anna Heringer turned materials like mud, straw, and bamboo into something the Jury of The Aga Khan Award for Architecture calledwhen she designed and built METI school in Rudrupur, Bangladesh with the help of dozens of volunteers. The Jury’s comments also tell us how: “This joyous and elegant two-storey primary school in rural Bangladesh has emerged from a deep understanding of local materials and a heart-felt connection to the local community.” And in fact, this holistic... [more]
Posted by Anna Troupe on 3/31/13

Primal Media: “When You Align Your Values with Your Work, Amazing Things Happen”

I’ve never posted about a webdesign firm before, but when I happened upon this site, I realized it’s long overdue: Web developers that are dedicated to sustainable and socially responsible business/causes are as instrumental in making positive global change as the non-profits and small business clients they represent. And this particular one, Primal Media really impressed me. They’re a very small team who nonetheless have offered clean energy grants to the tune of $50k for related web... [more]
Posted by Anna Troupe on 3/31/13

MIO MY! MIO Company Satifies Every Green Desire!

It’s hard to pick one thing to talk about – MIO company is serious about sustainability and is loaded with completely recycled, environmentally friendly, affordable and GREAT LOOKING unique items for your cool home space. They even make it possible to customize your own furniture with your own artwork or suggestions from them! But beyond the easy to use and informative website of awesome stuff you don’t have to feel bad about buying, the Salm Brothers — who are the designers behind it all —... [more]
Posted by Anna Troupe on 3/31/13

My First Yarnbombing! Decorating Giant Cement Planters for the Community

                                                                      This past Saturday morning I yarnbombed  seven cement planters around the corner from my house in Carrboro with the help of several friends. It was part of a city-approved project called Yarnboro, and several other knitted creations were installed nearby at the Century Center, Town Hall and the Farmer’s Market. I’ve never done this before and it wasn’t easy, but I’m very glad to have had the experience and the community... [more]
Posted by Anna Troupe on 3/31/13

The Hippo Roller: A Simple Solution that’s Making a Massive Impact

Every day, women and children spend more than 200 million hours collecting and carrying water for basic household needs. According to, the number of Africans who do not have access to clean water equals the total population of the US and Russia combined. A typical five-gallon bucket of water represents the same weight as your luggage allowance when you fly on a plane. Imagine carrying that on your head over rough terrain for miles just to have water you need for the... [more]
Posted by Anna Troupe on 3/31/13