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Wheat zine

I made a mini book of poems and some of my drawings, and then sewed a fabric binding on. [more]
Posted by Ellen Christensen on 1/21/13

Gocco printed lavender filled sachets

I made 16 (+1 for me) lavender sachets for friends and familyStep 1: Drew the fern image freehand on paper with a carbon-based penStep 2: Transferred the image onto a transparent gocco screenStep 3: Inked up the gocco screen with brown ink and printed on a natural linen-cotton fabric blendStep 4: Ironed each Step 5: Cut out the blue and orange linenStep 6: Sewed up the sachets on my sewing machine and added the colored linen at the topStep 7: Stuffed each sachet with dried lavender Step 8: Tied... [more]
Posted by Ellen Christensen on 12/12/12

Hand drawn ceramics

I've been having a good time hand decorating ceramics as gifts for people I know: [more]
Posted by Ellen Christensen on 11/21/12

Paris to Hamburg to Århus, Risskov, & Malling Parish to Copenhagen

All of the second class tickets for Germany were sold out, so I spent seven hours in the Paris train station to catch a miserable night train to Hamburg. The upper bunk on the nine hour ride was claustrophobic but the proud French woman in the bed below shared my lack of understanding of the German announcements. My book kept falling off my bed and she kept having to hand it back to me. On this trip I very quickly got tired of telling people who talk to me that I only speak English. So... [more]
Posted by Ellen Christensen on 7/20/12


The night before Bastille Day, the city started booming around 11 and I ran to the window to see fireworks going off from roofs all over the city, Oakland-style. Cold in a cotton dress but elated, I could see people peering out their windows and standing on balconies all around me. People whistled and sang below and eight very drunk teens ran up the stairs below while car horns honked. The next morning, the woman behind the counter at the Montmarte tourist cafe adjusted her updo and sang... [more]
Posted by Ellen Christensen on 7/19/12

Germany to Paris by train

I told a German woman having a coffee at the same table as me on the train that I liked her giant twisted stone necklace. She pointed to my giant ring, which was my Grandma’s, and said it came from the same town, Gdansk in Poland, by the Baltic Sea, but she couldn’t remember the name of the stone in English. She and her husband asked in broken English where I was from and I said California, and they said I’d come a long way. I said it was nicer in Europe and the husband said that maybe one... [more]
Posted by Ellen Christensen on 7/13/12

Flying to Europe with 4 days notice

German stewardess on the airplane in San Francisco greeted the passenger before me in English, switched to German for me, then back to English. Pleasing rectangular containers in the airline meals, the guy next to me picking his nose on and off the whole flight. Squat red coffee cups and the stewardess poured everyone coffee or tea from a tall square pitcher for an evening pastry snack. Falling asleep listening to an airplane channel teaching Spanish to German speakers, a soothing woman’s... [more]
Posted by Ellen Christensen on 7/8/12

Mini book

I made a little book with collaged elements and quotes from the book of Grace Paley short stories I've been reading.  Front and back cover and a few of the pages:  [more]
Posted by Ellen Christensen on 10/2/11