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Working, Class, Heroes: Dennis Reinmüller Showcase

Showcase: Dennis ReinmüllerFeature Interview by Kate AndrewsPublished 04 July 2013   On a face-achingly bleak early spring evening in the capital a quietly baffled audience trudged to a re-imagining of one of the most iconic spaces in contemporary culture. Just what was this magical place?The dole office. Our Pied Piper was the ever-enterprising Dennis J Reinmüller. He and Timothea Armour selected performance... [more]
Posted by Kate Andrews on 8/16/13

dOCUMENTA(13) Occupy Paper piece

“so, how was your trip to Europe?”   …I agree now, that it would have been much more rewarding to drift through, relishing encounters along the way than frantically planning and cherry-picking and still finding that I had somehow missed all the must-sees.   dOCUMENTA (13) is all but a distant memory now. If you were lucky enough to reside in Kassel for the long-term this summer, the 100 day dOCUMENTA pass may have represented your only real chance of comfortably soaking-up a meaningful... [more]
Posted by Kate Andrews on 3/31/13

The Souvenir

The souvenir is effectively an artificial construct of the memory, projected onto an object allowing it to function as metonym to its origin. It requires removal from the place or moment in time which it represents in order to generate the sense of desire and longing which contribute to its evocative power. The accumulation of such objects is essentially a light-hearted but instinctual gesture: a celebration of personal significance and the desire to generate auto-biography. Souvenirs are... [more]
Posted by Kate Andrews on 2/28/13

Interview: Kate Gray, director of Edinburgh's Collective Gallery on the gallery's fundraising auction and imminent move to the former City Observatory on Edinburgh's iconic Calton Hill

  Going Once, Going twice; Going… to Calton Hill Ever wondered what goes on in the opulent world of art commerce in the grand old auction houses of Edinburgh? Well, this March 14th presents the perfect opportunity to find out in the comfortable company of Edinburgh’s best-loved non-commercial gallery. The Collective Gallery have employed their winsome charms to bag one of the most iconic and enviable sites in the Capital for its upcoming relocation. Work is already underway atop Calton Hill... [more]
Posted by Kate Andrews on 2/8/13

Review: From Death to Death and Other Small Tales @ Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

15th December 2012 − 8th September 2013 Modern One (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art) Edinburgh Admission Free   ***** Following the success of last year’s The Sculpture Show, the National Galleries continues to break brave new ground with another sprawling behemoth of a show. Filling the entire gallery space with bold, bloody and beguiling representations of the human body, From Death to Death unites corporeal gems from the National’s permanent collection with some of the... [more]
Posted by Kate Andrews on 1/7/13

Lost Horizons: how the Scottish National Gallery revitalised a forgotten master

 Lost Horizons: how the Scottish National Gallery revitalised a forgotten master Expanding Horizons: Giovanni Battista Lusieri and the Panoramic Landscape Scottish National Gallery, the Mound, Edinburgh (Academy / Lower galleries) 30th June − 28th October 2012  This summer, the Scottish National Gallery gallantly faced the challenge of pulling in an audience to discover an ‘unknown’ artists’ work; no mean feat in times when money talks louder than ever and ticket sales are easily... [more]
Posted by Kate Andrews on 11/11/12

Have we been here before? Text to accompany screening/performance by Aileen Stackhouse at Sierra Metro gallery, Edinburgh

Have we been here before? I. “I think this idea of a ‘finished’ [artwork] is a fiction. I think a man spends his whole lifetime painting one picture or working on one piece of sculpture. The question of stopping is really a decision of moral considerations. To what extent are you intoxicated by the actual act, so that you are beguiled by it? To what extent are you charmed by its inner life?1” Aileen M. Stackhouse doesn’t make things. For to make things would imply that they are finished.... [more]
Posted by Kate Andrews on 3/3/12

Aiko Okamoto - profile and review

Aiko Okamoto (b. Kyoto, Japan. Lives & works in Munich) Okamoto originally from Kyoto, Japan graduated with a B.A. in Aesthetics from Doshisha University in Kyoto in 2002 and currently studies New-Media Art at Akademie der Bildenden Künste, München. Having made Bavaria her home, Okamoto has also become an established V.J. (Video Performance artist) in Germany, performing her unique visuals at numerous nightclubs and Festivals throughout Europe.   Over time and distance, parents become... [more]
Posted by Kate Andrews on 8/18/09