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Day 2 intensive week 2: performing detention @ Metro Arts

A wonderful first day with Iraqi artist Towfiq Al Qudy.  Its really great working with professional people who have the same passion and organic, intuitive processes that you have yourself.  For this weeks intensive I have bought in all the nasty objects/materials - barbed wire, wire fencing of different types, lots of chain and of course my signature healing objects - feathers, crystals, sand, ochre.  And it wouldnt be Alicia's art if a chair didnt feature!  This time I have also bought in white scrolls of different sizes, to see what projection can do, rather what I can do with projection. Upon our discu... [more]
Posted by Alicia Melonie Jones on 4/16/13

the week that was

Well its been an amazing week creatively and professionally, of course in my life these things go hand in hand.   Yesterday (Tuesday in Australia) was an amazing discovery of effective process for creative development - working with Tara Heard, Ross Barber and Tracey Kaye, all Australian artists, the gals OZFRANK performers and Ross, well established visual artist.  We began the physical exploration of THE ROPE, Ross' response to a poem by Baudillaire, regarding the suicide death of Manet's 11 year old assistant Alexandre.  Ross' reponse is in the voice of Alexandre's mother and is a rivetin... [more]
Posted by Alicia Melonie Jones on 4/10/13

And today

And today Ive realised with great confusion for my southern hemispshere counterparts that Americans display their dates in that opposite format.  How does one change that at all - confuses the heck out of audience locally when utilizing American programs.  Anyhoo had a great evening with Suzon Fuks and James Cunningham aka IGNEOUS.  We discussed much of their recent American trip and the extent of saturated consummerism that swells there.  Strange how much of the world knows this, yet we still buy into the disposable culture and follow them into every war imaginable - with a they know best me... [more]
Posted by Alicia Melonie Jones on 4/2/13

Well today

Well today is my first time writing for this blog.  Its Easter Sunday in Australia so its been a relaxed and partly rainy day.  I have just submitted my residency application for Paris, for what is sure to be an extraordinary opportunity for the lucky artist.  Ive enjoyed creating the profile page, the process of which enables you to really professionalise your thinking.   In preparation for the upcoming showing of performing detention on April 5 at Metro Arts, I stumbled across the ARTslant site and viola, the immediate follow on culminates with this.  For anyone who is interested or has exper... [more]
Posted by Alicia Melonie Jones on 3/31/13