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Doll Restoration and more!, Porcelain and China Restoration, Crystal and Glass Restoration, Painting Restoration, art restoration, mixed-media, installation, modern, traditional, photography, sculpture
Premier Fine Art and Collectible Restoration

Has one of your treasured possessions such as a porcelain figurine, a crystal vase, or an oil painting ever been accidentally damaged? Some of these items are often thrown away because most of us are not aware that the piece can be restored to its original state.  If one of your treasures is damaged, there is no reason to fret, because one of the nation's largest, privately owned, art and collectible restoration company is located right here in Orange County! Pick Up the Pieces repairs the most severely damaged pieces, even when large parts are missing. Almost all repairs are invisible! Our work is guaranteed!

Pick Up the Pieces has been in business since 1956 and it serves art museums such as the Getty, LACMA, and more!  The company works with the general public, retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Baccarat, Lladro of Beverly Hills, the Entertainment industry, the insurance industry, moving industry, cleaning industry, collector's societies, and more!

Holding membership in the American Institute of Conservators and having a long history in the niche business of art restoration has made Pick Up the Pieces a very valuable, trusted, and sought after company for restorations for over 56 years!

Working With Exclusive Patrons, Avid Art Collectors, and Agents

  • Premier services include drop off and pick up OC/LA
  • Faster Restoration time
  • Confidentiality
  • Restoration Bids
  • Research Assistance, Appraisals, and more!

If you are interested please email us today addressed to Premier Services.


Paintings: cleaning, canvas repair, frame repair, color correction, smoke damage, water damage. Expert Fine Art      Painting repair and cleaning  for over 50 years!

Porcleain and China: Replacement parts, chips, broken pieces, color matching, full restoration or basic assembly options and more!

Crystal and Glass: Wine glasses, Decanters, Bowls and crystal dishes, Crystal or Glass sculptures, Crystal/ Glass vases, Crystal/ Glass Ornaments and more!

Other Restoration Services: Scrolls, Jade, Wood, Marble, Statues, Jewelry, Art Installations, Dolls, Tiles, Trays, Silver Polishing, Metals, and more!


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