Lindsay Dakota

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Lindsay Dakota has been appointed to the ACFCLA Board of Directors representing visual artists. [more]
Posted by Lindsay Dakota on 4/7/09

Melting polar ice cap

Well, we all don't have to worry....... Sarah Palin has assured us that there is no such thing as global warming. Now if you don't believe her, you can always go ask her fellow Republicans. They'll put your fears at rest. They are very good at making you feel all warm and fuzzy. But you'd better get another opinion just to be on the safe side.......... you might want to ask a polar bear...... [more]
Posted by Lindsay Dakota on 9/23/08

Reflections on melting ice

I am increasingly disturbed with reports of the melting ice cap. The continued western influence /attack on first nations people goes unnoticed by the vast majority of North American people. No one knows how damaging this effect will have on their future. Perhaps, the Inuit people can open curio shops catering to cruise ships once the passage opens for good. Maybe after Palin attacks Russia she can go steal the Inuits oil too.  [more]
Posted by Lindsay Dakota on 9/12/08