elodie Abergel

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In the name of Father , 2012 Composite Materials 150*172*150 © elodie Abergel
Alone in the World, 2010 Color Prints 70*80 Cm © elodie Abergel
Té'udat Zeout, 2010 Color Prints On Matte Paper 490*90 Cm © elodie Abergel
Walled-in, boxed-in, 2010, jerusalem Screening Of One Video And Composite Materials © Elodie Abergel
Seins des Saints (*"Saints des Seins" a French play on words from the words Saint (Saint) and breast (seins) .The expression "saint des saints" mean the sacred part of the tabernacle and of Salomon's temple; it also means the most secrete part of somethi, 2011 Composite Matérials 170 X 250 X 150 Cm © elodie Abergel
Tree of Peace and Discord, 2011 Photograph (Color Print 180 X 150 Cm) And Bottles 250 X 300 X 100 Cm © elodie Abergel
This is god’s country , 2011 Photography And Sound ( Sound Installation) (180 X 120 Cm) © elodie Abergel
Mono-pierriste(s), 2010, Jerusalem Color Prints On Matte Paper 80*150 Cm © elodie Abergel
Signal-ethic, 2011 Photographs (80 X 60 Cm) And Iron Panels Processed 500 X 220 X 350 Cm © elodie Abergel
Signal-ethic, 2011 Photographs (80 X 60 Cm) And Iron Panels Processed 500 X 220 X 350 Cm © elodie Abergel
Dislodged, 2011 Color Prints On Matte Paper 70 X 80 Cm © elodie Abergel
Color Print 90*120 Cm (*2 Photos) © elodie Abergel
Connections, 2009, jerusalem Color Prints On Matte Paper 152 X 52cm © elodie Abergel
Recovery, 2010 Screening Of One Vidéo © elodie Abergel
symbolic connections, 2008 Color Print On Mat Paper 70*80 © elodie Abergel
R-evolution, 2014 Stamp On Canvas 168 X 500 Cm © elodie abergel
Migra-Sion, 2013 Color Prints On Matte Paper 110 X 140 Cm © elodie Abergel
Adora-Sion, 2013 Color Prints On Matte Paper 110 X 140 Cm © elodie abergel
Isola-Sion, 2013 Color Prints On Matte Paper 110 X 140 Cm © elodie Abergel
Birds of a feather, 2013 Photographic Montages On Transparent Paper (30 X 80 Cm ) X 170cm © elodie Abergel
Contextual, 2014 Collage On Canvas 40x125 Cm © elodie Abergel
United Nation without "s", 2012 Color Prints On Matte Paper And Chairs 4 X (80x100cm) © elodie Abergel
Little Finger, 2013 Collage, Composite Materials © elodie Abergel
Home, 2011 Composite Materials 600 X 500 Cm © Elodie Abergel
Unveiled, 2014 Installation (190 X 168 Cm) Unique Color Prints On Matte Paper (110 X 140 Cm) © Elodie Abergel
Lunar Eclipse Photography 150 X 120 Cm © elodie abergel
Ethni-City, 2014 Mixed Media And Print © elodie abergel
End of Dna, 2015 Photography 150 X 120 Cm © elodie abergel
Dysharmony, 2015 Photography 120 X 150 Cm © Elodie Abergel
Seie Obsession , 2015 Photographs
absence Photogaphy © elodie abergel
Serie End Of DNA, 2016 Photography 150 X120 Cm © Elodie Abergel
Serie End Of DNA © Elodie Abergel
Serie End Of DNA, 2016 © Elodie Abergel
Serie End Of DNA, 2016
Serie End Of DNA © Elodie Abergel
Serie End Of DNA, 2016 © Elodie Abergel
Serie End Of DNA, 2016 © Elodie Abergel
Serie End Of DNA, 2016 © Elodie Abergel
Serie End Of DNA, 2016 © Elodie Abergel
Serie End Of DNA © Elodie Abergel
Sublim-Action, 2016 © Elodie Abergel
Sublim-Action, 2016 Photography 150 X 150 Cm © Elodie Abergel
Sublim-Action, 2016 © Elodie Abergel
Spirale Hazardeuse, 2016 © Elodie Abergel
Quick Facts
Birth year
Lives in
Jerusalem and Paris
Works in
Jerusalem and Paris
Fine Art school of Nantes France, 2005, Master
sculpture, mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, conceptual, photography, graffiti/street-art

The young Franco-Israeli artist Elodie Abergel has been part of the “contextual art” movement for several years, coupling her artistic work with her associative commitment to “Zellige Paris-Jerusalem”, where she is both the founder and coordinator. After her studies in Fine Arts in Nantes, she moved to Jerusalem to pursue her work on what she calls the "Territories of Sharing" (“Territoires de Partages”)

Through her artistic vision and works, she has developed the concept of “art of the present moment”, offering up a humanistic yet poetic and critical view of politics in the Middle East. She identifies herself as a committed activist and sees this land as an open workshop. By immersing herself in the heart of the Israeli and Palestinian culture, she has developed an art which is participatory and engaging.

The focal point of her art is the territory she works within, the borders of which house her energy, whether they are visible or not. To convey this focus to her audience, she uses materials found in her surroundings, transforming them through different mediums (photography, installations, video, performance…) as a function of her expression.
In her work, she also focuses on "repetition" to highlight the absurdity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Lives and works in Jerusalem and Paris
Nationality : French and Israeli
Born in 1981 in France 
Education :
Ecole des Beaux Arts in Nantes (France) : French Art School Degree, Four years
2003 :   C.E.A.P. (Fine Arts Certificate)
2005 :   D.N.A.P. (National Diploma of Fine Arts)
Prize :
2013:    Artslant Prize category Photography
Solo Exhibitions :
2011 :   Israeli-PalestinianCreations,ZographosCulturalCenter,(Paris).
               Israeli-Palestinian Creations, Commune Libre d’Aligre,(Paris).
2010 :   SharingTerritories,Mr.ZographosCulturalCenter,(Paris).
               Sharing Territories, University of Bobigny, (France).
2009 :   Women,TheGIL,(Geneva,Switzerland).
               Crossed perspectives, Catholic Institute, (Paris).
2008 :   Israeli and Palestinian youths enduring the conflict, (Paris).
Group Exhibitions:
2014 :   IncubarteFestival,(Valencia,Spain).
2013 :   Creative Rising, (New York, United States).
               Border Bodies, mixing cities, (Poland).
               Border Cities and new identities, ( Suceavia, Romania).
               Festival of contemporary vision, (Frienze, Italy).
               Liquid Cities & Temporary Identities, (Espoo, Finland).
               Sharring tables, (Haifa, Israel). 
2012 :   Corp(s)-respondence, (Paris,France).
2005:    Arc sewing, Lieu Unique, Nantes,France).
Residency :
2014 :   Nars International Residency, NewYork(UnitedStates).
Bibliography :
- Arts Takes Miami 2012
Participatory Artwork :   
Sharing Territories (TDP): Creation concept launched in 2005 which consists in setting up an installation with which the public interacts. The final piece of artwork is obtained from artistic exchanges.
Urban art actions:
2011:    BubbleDream,(Jerusalem,Israel).
               Tent Agreement, (Jerusalem, Israel).
               Re-li-er, (Jerusalem, Israel).
Actions within institutions:
2011 :   The other in motion, Gan Saker, (Jerusalem).
2010 :   Dod Shemesh, Mur de réparation, (Jerusalem).
2009 :   The Stones, Abu Gosh Village, Jerusalem and Catholic Institute, (Paris).
2008 :   The wall of forgiveness, Beit-Esther Association, (Jerusalem).
Work experience in Art :
2012 :   Artist coordinator - French organization Mémoire de l’avenir : 
               - Art mediation workshop with Israeli and Palestinian women and creation of a cookbook. 
               Logo designer :
               - Department of the New York State Police Forecsic Science Laboratory. 
               Artist coordinator - Israeli organisation Bait Ham :
               - Directing, editing and subtitling of a short documentary.
Since 2010 :
               Founder, Coordinator and Artistic Director - Paris-Jerusalem Zellige organization –
               - Team coordination, planning of tasks, information monitoring (Paris/Jerusalem).
               - Establishment of workshops with Israeli and Palestinian children, adolescents and adults (Jerusalem).
               - Establishment of participatory street art actions (Jerusalem).
               - Organisation of a tour of magicians in Israel/Palestine (Association Magicien du Monde-Paris).
               - Setting up and organisation of exhibitions (Paris).
2006-2010 :
               Art & Mediation Coordinator - Beit Esther organization –
               - Establishment of artistic workshops with young people (Jerusalem, Sderot, Abu Gosh) and mentally ill adults (Jerusalem).
               - Setting up of exhibitions (Jerusalem, Paris, Grenoble).
               - Support and development of photo workshops with young Israelis and Palestinians (Paris/Lyon).
               - Implementation of the project "Regards Croisés "(Crossed Perspectives) with French, Brazilian, Israeli and Palestinian  teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds: facilitating photo/video workshops (Jerusalem/Salvador de Bahia), creating a  short film (Salvador), establishment of exhibitions (Paris). - Organization of seminars "Thinking the Other." 
                Plenary speaker and workshop organiser. 
2011:     Artistic Mediation in a zone of conflict, by PI4 Doctoral College, Jerusalem.
                Territory Sharing Conference, the subject and the institution, University of Geneva. 
2010:     Territory Sharing and Zellige's house of artists symposium of magazine L’Autre: Arts care, Bordeaux. 
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