Buket Savci Atature

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Entangled, 2014 Oil On Canvas 50 X 66 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
The Room with the Balcony, 2014 Oil On Canvas 52 X 69 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Ritual, 2014 Oil On Canvas 66 X 50 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Roommates 2, 2014 Oil On Canvas 70 X 52 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Weave, 2014 Oil On Canvas 47 X 36 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Chain, 2014 Oil On Canvas 52 X 70 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Warm, 2014 Oil On Canvas 48 X 36 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Roommates, 2013 Oil On Canvas 66 X 60 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Candy Crushed, 2013 Oil On Canvas 48 X 70 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Untitled, 2013 Oil On Canvas 54 X 52 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Secret Garden, 2013 Oil On Canvas 48 X 70 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Picnic, 2012 Oil On Canvas 60 X 40 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Ice Cream 2, 2012 Oil On Canvas 42 X 54 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Pure Happiness (Ice Cream), 2012 Oil On Canvas 43 X 53 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Play (with Me), 2012 Oil On Canvas 68 X 54 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Comfort Zone, 2012 Oil On Canvas 20 X 68 Inches, Diptych (20 X 30 Left Piece, 20 X 38 Right Piece) © Buket Savci Atature
Coupling, 2012 Oil On Canvas 52 X 39 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Untitled (Pillow), 2011 Oil On Canvas 24 X 28 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Mirror Mirror, 2011 Oil On Prepared Paper Mounted On Wood Panel 18 X 25 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Your Hands Holding Me, 2011 Oil On Canvas 14 X 22 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me,, 2011 Oil On Canvas 17 X 24 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Pink Room 1 , 2011 Oil On Canvas 16 X 22 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Pink Room 2, 2011 Oil On Canvas 16 X 30 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
the Room with the Balcony, 2012 Intaglio Print 7 3/4 X 10 1/2 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Two of Us, 2011 Intaglio Print 8 1/4 X 11 1/2 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Butterfly Valley, 2011 Intaglio Print 11 1/4 X 8 1/2 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Lycia, 2011 Intaglio Print 8 1/2 X 11 3/4 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Our Place for a Couple of Days, 2011 Intaglio Print 11 1/2 X 8 1/4 Inches © Buket Savci Atature
Quick Facts
Istanbul, Turkey
Lives in
Works in
New York Academy of Art, 2012, MFA
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, 2010, BFA
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul, 2006
Representing galleries
Olcay Art, Turkey, İstanbul
intaglio, etching, printmaking, contemporary, figurative

My work is a visual diary where I explore the longing for the once present intimacy and desire. By playing with the viewpoint or putting the viewer in my own spot my desire is to hold on to and observe being myself and indulging in that moment. Like the fragmented scenes from our memories, I use cropping and color to capture the feeling of the moment.

Seeing evidences in details I use these suggestive and ordinary details that trigger my memory. For example the room, with its walls and specific objects become the witness and gains a personality describing its occupants.

I find that the human condition and endless search for an ideal are the only constant things while going back and forth between two different cultures and geography. I try to depict our need to love, trust and be desired, from a woman’s viewpoint while exploring coexisting together in a space, being a couple; being comfortable and playful in each other’s company on a slow lazy day. As mystery and humor are the elements I enjoy including in my work, the tensions and possible tendencies, inevitable conflicts, the ambiguity of relationships that continue to haunt us lay also always at the brink. 

My starting point has always been the hope, freedom and recklessness behind starting all over, and the power and warmth I get from the memories. I believe all the interactions and stimulations brought by my passion for relocation, and longing for what was left behind constantly feed my creative process.

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