Pablo Morata

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Untitled, 2011 Oil On Panel 13'8 X 10'6 In. © Licencia Creative Commons
Portrait of Diego Mayoral., 2011 Oil On Panel 19'7 X 16'9 In. © (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)
Youngster with cap, 2011 Oil On Canvar Board. 13'8 X 10'6 In. © Licencia Creative Commons
Smiling girl, 2010 Oil On Panel. 13 X 10'6 In. © Licencia Creative Commons
Totem, 2010 Oil On Panel. 13 X 10'6 In. © Licencia Creative Commons
The blonde beauty, 2010 Oil On Panel. 15'7 X 13'4 In. © Licencia Creative Commons
Landscape, 2010 Oil On Panel. 21'3 X 18'9 In. © Licencia Creative Commons
Untitled, 2013 Oil On Panel. 15'7 X 13'4 In. © Licencia Creative Commons
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Madrid, Spain.
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Barcelona, Spain.
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Barcelona, Spain.
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totemic, barcelona, catalan, spanish, portrait, gay, glaze, technique, erotic, grotesque, Selfportrait, figurative


My recent paintings have a very playful and experimental component to them: 
starting with the historical vanguards and moving forward in time, I’ve been revisiting the artists (and movements) that have always attracted me, with which I feel greater affinity. Combining these in various formal ways, I have striven to rise above preconceptions and grant myself maximum freedom. With this voyage, I’ve managed to inquire into my own identity as an artist, and to approach a language of my own.

The most recurrent themes in my work are the human figure and the human face. Also, scenes wherein multiple figures (human or semi-human) interact and intertwine, in various postures and attitudes, some sensual, some violent – visions perhaps arisen from libidinal dreams or twisted nightmares, or from a disturbing hybrid of the two.

I’m interested in exploring ambiguity, both semantic and formal. This is why my work frequently contrasts cheerfulness and naivety with elements of tension, eroticism, distress, or despair. In a given work, what seems sinister is often threaded with irony and humor.


Pablo Morata Serna.
Madrid (Spain), 1974.
Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Solo Exhibitions:
2011 "Recent paintings 2008-2010" at Galería Alegría.

Group Exhibitions:
2012 "Colectiva JM3" at Galería Alegría. 
2012 JUSTMAD3 Art Fair, Madrid, Spain.

1994 - 1997 Art studies at Eina art school (Barcelona, Spain).
1993 Art and painting studies at Massana art school (Barcelona).

2012 Artist Residence in Experimentem amb l'Art.
2000 Second prize for the painting “Vecindad” (“Neighborhood”) at the twenty-first Huestes del Cadí painting contest (Elda, Alicante, Spain).
1996 Second prize for the painting “Autorretrato en azul y rosa” (“Self-portrait in blue and pink”) at the tenth Miquel Casablancas art award (Sant Andreu, Barcelona, Spain).

Courses, workshops and seminars:

2012 A.I.R. ARRAY: Residencies and Mobility in Europe for Visual Artists, workshop by Art Motile.
2012 "Brief narratives of contemporary art: five questions for the alleged end of art" by Valentín Roma. Seminar at Macba.
2011 “Communication and presentation of artistic career” workshop by Joan Morey. 
2010 “Of animals and monsters” organised by Xavier Antich and Manuel Asensi. Lectures imparted by Anne Sauvagnargues, Jeffrey J. Cohen, Pilar Pedraza, Ximena Briceño and Lars Bang Larsen. Seminar at Macba.
2010 “Sick 80’s. The Aids Crisis, Art and Counter-biopolitical Guerrilla” organised by Beatriz Preciado. Lectures imparted by Christophe Broqua, Michel Feher, Cindy Patton and Ferran Pujol. Seminar at Macba.
2010 “The artist statement” by Pilar Cruz and Mery Cuesta. Workshop in Hangar.
2010 “Online dossier with Indexhibit” by Ricardo Virto. Workshop in Hangar.
2009 “Online diffusion tools” by Andrea García. Workshop in Hangar.

2011 Catalogue "Pablo Morata - Recent paintings 2008-2010" edited by Galería Alegría.