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mixed-media, landscape, surrealism, modern, traditional, photography, figurative, conceptual, sculpture

In my plastic language I am looking for the detail in the work, without the hype, simple, uncomplicated, in some ways a subjective reality. My work is not limited by a specific technique; I work on any basis, using any material, applied as required by my idea. In this manner I am open to all the possibilities my environment offers me, detoxifying my present, for our future’s habitat sake.

My main inspiration is the female aesthetic and everything that makes up women, among other things and forms, for instance, human thoughts and feelings, their fears, frustrations, helplessness, doubts and desires.

In my search for beauty I stumble with my own ideas, working on them until they are processed, distorting the objective reality, trying for fewer strokes and more color, taking advantage of the accidents in texture to shape the figures.

The intention of my work is very simple: awakening the viewer’s awareness of the problems around us, trying to let the viewer perceive my emotions and my experiences.

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