Jeff Schneider

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Blue Cowboy, 2008 Oil And Acrylic On Linen 24" X 20"
Empty Stories, 2007 Oil And Acrylic On Linen 26" X 22"
Gunfighter, 2008 Oil And Acrylic On Linen 36" X 28"
Shadowplay, 2008 Oil And Acrylic On Linen 24" X 20"
Daylight, 2009 Oil &Acrylic On Linen 22" X 44" © Hillsboro Fine Art
Hired Guns, 2009 Oil &Acrylic On Linen 42" X 31 "
Game Theory, 2009 Oil &Acrylic On Linen 36" X 28" © Hillsboro Fine Art
"A Short Term Effect", 2011 Oil & Acrylic On Linen/Canvas 52" X 44" © Oliver Sears Gallery
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New York City


“It is my intention to leave the viewer puzzled as to where and how meaning lies between relationships. To question the nature and possibility of unity through representational and abstract concepts.”

Jeff Schneider



Jeff Schneider was born in Washington D.C. in 1960. He received his BFA in 1983 from Miami University. After receiving his Master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1989, Schneider moved to New York City to pursue his career in art.


Since then his work has been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Miami, Istanbul, Madrid, Cologne and Dublin. Schneider has exhibited with Julian Schnabel, Ross Bleckner and Donald Baechler as well as other New York artists. Schneider has lectured on his work at Hunter College in New York and the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art in Dublin. He has worked with Robert Storr on numerous projects for the Museum of Modern Art, and has assisted many of New York’s most recognized contemporary artists. The Oliver Sears Galley in Dublin, Ireland represents his work in Europe and in the United States.


He currently resides and works in New York City.