Cemile Bulut

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No Name One, 2011 Paper, Pencil And Ink 36.5*56.5 © No Copywrite
No Name Two, 2010 Paper,Pencil And Ink 22.5*38 © No Copywrite
No Name Three, 2009 Paper,Pencil And Ink 23*39 © No Copywrite
No Name Four, 2010 Paper And Pencil 30*40 © No Copywrite
No Name Five, 2009 Paper, Pencil And Ink 23*39 © No Copywrite
No Name Six, 2013 Paper, Pencil And Ink 30*40 © No Copywrite
Composition, 2016 On Paper Mixed Technique 60 X40 Cm. © Original
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Art Academy Istanbul
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Petrol-Is Union Gallery


Cemile Bulut was born in İstanbul in 1980. She graduated from Akademi İstanbul Graphic Arts Department. She started painting in 1992, and exhibited her early works in 1994 in İstanbul. In 2004 she participated in a group exhibition in İstanbul. In 2007 and 2013 she exhibited her works at the Petrol-Is Union Gallery in İstanbul. In 2014 she exhibited her works in İstanbul Start Art Academy Gallery. In 2016 she exhibited her works at Büyükada Çelik Gülersoy Culture and Art Center in Istanbul. In 2013 and 2014 she attended two separate group exhibitions held in Istanbul and on the World Art Day in Sinop respectively.

The iconographic language Cemile has been developing is an expression of internal necessity. This is an important aspect of her pictorial language. Some objects and figures intrigue her by their hidden significance, and by using them she invents a personal iconography.

Her pictorial language is rich in associations and references. Below the surface of the penture (a word coined by the author to describe her pictures made with pencil) another penture lies concealed.

In her compositions a central human or animal figure often dominates the scene. In the magical atmosphere of the picture, each animal figure loses its animal identity and gains a familiar personality.

The daily world around the artist becomes surprisingly transformed into a magical world in the process of creation. Each composition as a whole brings about a change of identity in the objects and figures themselves. For her an object is always alive and contains a secret life. The elements drawn from the outside world are not only arranged in a new way, they are changed (“a change of identity”). It is the composition that makes her work so unique.

The pictorial world of Cemile reflects the reality of our age and opens our eyes to this reality.

Her imagination receives nourishment both from the subconscious and the outside world.

Her pentures which are dominated by silence, push the limits of our perception.