DivineBrick Research projects

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San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), 2000, Bfa
California State University, Long Beach
Woodworking, subversive performance, subversive spirituality, Neo-Shaman, drawing, figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, conceptual, modern, digital, exhibition/performance, street, Illustration, design
DivineBrick Research Projects (DBRP)  at best is a think tank at worst is josie j...

DBRP makes research based existential iconoclastic artwork by the seat of its pants.  A lifetime of reconfiguring views, beliefs, self-structure and modeling a research-oriented existence that explores belief and where it stems from, this is where it has lead. 
This exploration has taken many forms.  Looking onto academia josie j has earned degrees, taught children and adults, outside of academia, has worked with canines, studied Butoh with the Tamanos, explored wood working, writing, sculpture, sound production, video, performance, developed a fascination with trends, researched the occult, the esoteric, transhumanist trends, BSDM lifestyles, religion, spirituality and anything seemingly unrelated.  
Currently he resides in his birthplace, South Los Angeles, where he works in his studio, writing, retro fitting his Roubo inspired workbench and is self-publishing an interview based magazine entitled “Low Feed”.