Giulio GalganiGiulio Galgani is an inventive and creative contemporary artist, featured in many exhibitions and events, he is a man of multi-faceted creativity and insatiable curiosity, is also an experimenter, a visual artist ranging between sculpture and painting, dealing with art with an high rank of courage. He is Born in Genoa in 1958, but has lived in Tuscany for many years, in the countryside of the Val di Chiana, where he finds everyday inspiration for many of his works.
In his works we find rigor, imagination, irony and deep ideas about the contemporary. After the beginning with a series of figurative-realist works produced during the early 80s, Giulio Galgani has directed his artistic research towards an enigmatic dimension and metaphysical art, influenced mainly by De Chirico’s Works ; after this period, around 2000 came a new intellectual and human dimension, where he has searched new forms and new opportunities to analyze the world around him, using waste materials (tires, rusty nails) that will become unusual and unconventional stuff for the creation of a work of art; this is Galgani’s idea about “Object found” and the cycle of Milled where the work is created by Galgani, but also by the matter istself which changes its original form by means of alchemies determined by the different composition of glues and resins.
The painting of Giulio Galgani, many times referred to as “primitive, emotional, informal, materical, synthesis between figurative and abstract”, becomes the production of signs and symbols; Giulio Galgani’s words tells us this process “Contemporary Man lives in a dimension where overlap a myriad of signs and symbols, and the painting can reflect this perception”
Giulio Galgani had an intense exhibition activity since the early 90s, presenting his works in solo exhibitions, important group and creating a series of works for institutional collections. He has realized the prize for Driming Art, International Film Festival city of Cortona, 2009 and also the Prize “Toscana Mia” For the international competition Riding Toscana Tour 2008. He was awarded the “Arts, Culture, Future,” November 30, 2009 in the Great Hall of the Province of Arezzo. Artwork by Giulio Galgani are collected in numerous public collections, National and International.
The signs and symbols in which Giulio Galgani has long been concerned demonstrates a consistent and persistent attention to the roots of the region where he live and then to the elements of the territory that become the primary means and tools of his art. In 2011 Giulio Galgani brings together all of these stimuli in the Itinerant exhibition entitled “Journey In Italy” curated by renowned art critic Martina Corgnati, the exhibition brings a contribution of creativity and invention in the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Italian unity, with the series of Geopitture, works made by mixed media that reproduce a personal view about all the regions of Italy while proposing a reflection on the history of local, national and global levels. In 2012, Giulio Galgani is the protagonist of an important exhibition dedicated to his production at the prestigious setting of the Cloister of Bramante in Rome, the exhibition, entitled “L’arte Nostra” (Our Art) is curated by renowned art critic Giovanni Faccenda and has remained on schedule for more than a month.

Exhibitions: Galgani’s works are found in many public collections, including: Collection of Contemporary Art, Vatican Museums, Vatican City, City Hall of Cortona – Birthplace Museum of Michelangelo, Caprese Michelangelo – Museum of Contemporary Art, Palagio Fiorentino, STIA – Contemporary Art Gallery, Citta di Castello – Town Hall of Marciano Chiana – Football Managers’ Headquarter, Rome – Museum of Contemporary Art in Arezzo – Regional Contemporary Art Collection, Tuscany, Florence – Health District Center, Valdichiana, Cortona – Comunicare Roma, Rome – RAI Collection, Rome. Church of San Agostino, Cesa di Marciano – New Courthouse, Arezzo – Municipal Court of Arezzo – Contemporary Art Museum, City of Siena – Musicom Museum, Hamburg – Assembly House, Norwich. He made: the prize for the Driming Art Festival international film prize, Cortona, 2009. The “Toscana Mia” prize for the international horse race Toscana Tour, 2008. The Cuffie D’oro prize – Grand Prize for Radio Communication 2011, designed by Charlie Gnocchi. He was conferred the prize “Arti, Culture, Futuro” on November 30, 2009 in the Sala dei Grandi, Province of Arezzo.