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Carla Badillo Coronado (Quito, Ecuador, 1985) is a poet, journalist, translator, traveler and traditional dancer. She is the winner of the National Poetry Award  “César Dávila Andrade” (Ecuador, 2011) (first woman winnig this Prize and the youngest) with her manuscript, Unfinished Scores (notes on music and other obsessions). She is a founding member of a traditional dance group called Tullpucuna (in Quichua: colors), which performs with and for indigenous communities.

She has made a documentary film on the life of Jaime Guevara, an Ecuadorian anarchist song-writer. Her first collection of poems is Belongings / Pertenencias (bilingual edition. Los Angeles, 2009). She has collaborated with several magazines and anthologies in the United States, Spain and Italy, and has been translated into several languages. She has participated in important cultural events such as Book Fairs, Workshops in Universities and International Poetry Festivals mainly in United States and Spain. She also has been recognized for her travel chronicles around the world. She is sure that in her past life was a singer of boleros in a cantina.