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mixed-media, installation, landscape, surrealism, traditional, photography, digital, graffiti/street-art, figurative, conceptual, sculpture
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"Artist statement"

     This particular body of work is a continuation of my previous series but this particular body of work explains further             about a persons willingness to identifying with one's true self and the happenings in doing so.

my new work carries the richly symbolic “circle” as a focal element. i use circles in my work to inspire the halo of miniature paintings its symbol of power and importance to a specific person like a king or a person of significance, be it a king's portrait ,shown on a throne or an important character in a narrative etc. This use of circle is not limited to miniature paintings it has been widely used in different art forms of other cultures in the history. My point of using it in my work was to show a symbol known for its meanings of significance,power or sacredness for an ordinary person.

Using it as a hallow for ordinary people explains the importance of what his mind thinks,every thought, every action,every interest of his is important and sometimes a person has to shun what he does and thinks because society force their ideas on him , how they judge him and each of his movement which lets him act against his wishes.

My works are simpler in nature and explain the ideas of giving importance to your own thoughts and embracing one's self .The circle represents a lot of things in my work I use it as hallow to glorify the importance of what I think, and what I feel like doing. I highlight the importance of one's self to himself in a way embracing what I am. The other meaning is of the self imposed restriction on oneself also inflicted restriction by society one is living in. The figurative elements such as feet are the ways how one still manages to cross the boundary created by oneself and others and then the circle also explains constraint dwelling.

I try to remain on the traditional and mythical side in my work thus giving somewhat surreal feel to my work and I believe the elements used,the colour palette, the atmosphere, the use of shapes and even landscapes represent my ideas of escape and resignation at the same time.





 Ejaz saeed  


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63 J Block Gullberg 3rd, Lahore, Mob:    +923214911523, E-mail: H     HYPERLINK "mailto:ejz.jazzy@gmail.comUU" ejz.jazzy@gmail.comUU




1987                Born in Pakistan

                        Lives and Study in Lahore



2011                  Bachelor of Fine Arts (Miniature department) with honor’s, National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan

2006                FA Garrison science degree   college, Lahore

                                    Higher Secondary School Examination in Pre- engineering

2004                     Jinnah Public School, Lahore                                             

                              High School Examination in Science.


2006                Screen printing workshop

2005-07           Graffiti artwork shop

2008-10             Pigment colors workshop



2009-10           Decoration of Canal Road in Lahore, Organized by PHA Lahore

2008                Decoration of Race course Park in Lahore, Organized by PHA Lahore



2012                 Honors in Thesis Project (Transmute)

2008                 Merit prize in Group exhibition in National collage of arts (Transformation)


Solo Exhibition

2012               Thesis Display at National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan.


Group Exhibition

2013                Group Exhibitions at Rohtas art Gallery Islamabad, Pakistan

2012                Group Exhibitions at Nairang art Gallery Lahore, Pakistan

2012                Group exhibition at Artscene Gallery, KARACHI

2012                Participate in affordable art fair Melborne

2012                Group exhibition at V.M art Gallery, KARACHI

2012                Group Exhibitions at Collage art Gallery Lahore, Pakistan

2010               Young Artist Exhibition, Alhamra Art Gallery, 

                        Lahore, Pakistan

2008               Transformation: class project, Zahoor ul Akhlaq Gallery, NCA, Lahore, Pakistan


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