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INFRARED Collection, 2013 Mix Media 130.90 Cm © 2013
Familia Empatia, 2013 Mix Media 550.220 Cm © 2013
INFRARED Collection, 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 40.60 Cm © 2013
INFRARED Collection, 2012 Mix Media 220.160 © 2012
Infrared collection, 2012 Acrylic 130.90 Cm © 2012
dogs and woman, 2013 Acrylic 19.120 Cm © 2013
INTESSERE Collection, 2010 Mixed Media 90.90 Cm © 2010
Infrared collection, 2012 Mix Media 145.110 Cm © 2012
The First Moment, 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 140.130 Cm © 2013
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Florance Univercity of Architecture, 2011, Master
Florence Accademy of Arts, 2010, Master
Rouen Music Conservatory, 2013, Diploma
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MUSIC COMPOSER, mixed-media, video-art, photography, figurative, conceptual, exhibition/performance


Painter & Music Composer

Member of Managing board of Square Line CAA (Contemporary Arts Association in Iran, Italy, France & USA) Graduated in Graphic Design - Tehran/Iran Born in IRAN(1983) and based in France and Italy.

Educational Backgraound:

2012-2013 Participated in Music Composition course with Prof. Jean Philippe-BEC (Rouen Music Conservatoir/France). 2012-2013 Participated in Violin course (Evroux Music Conservatoir/France). 2010-2012 Studied in Master of Concept Design at UNIFI (Università degli Studi di Firenze) - Florence/Italy. 2011-2012 Studied in Master of Graphic Design (Florence Accademy of Fine Art/Italy). 2005-2010 Honorable Member of Tehran Contemporary Museum of Arts Professional Experience: 2008-2013 Art Organizer and art Curator in Europe. 2012 Founded CONTEMPORIST3000 International Visual Arts Competition in Italy with collaboration of: AIAP(Italian Association of Visual Communication Design), UKIFF London Film Festival, SLOBONDA free accademy of fine arts in Croatia, Seillans Art Gallery, Klismo Design and LABA free accademy of fine art in Florence. 2009 Founded Hezar Ayeneh music ensemble.

International Activities:

2012 Az Bineshani; Commemoration of Attar Neyshabouri Composer:SD Khavarnejad/Vocalist:Mohsen Keramati. 2012 Playing Kamancheh, Iranian Traditional Instrument at the Casa Della Creatività - Florence/Italy 2012 Special Invitation from Beiging Traditional Music Festival, China. 2012 Playing Kamancheh at Le Murate Art Center, Nardini-Florence. 2011 Organization of INTESSERE exhibition in Italy and Croatia with collaboration of Exibart & UNESCO, J.Phappini Ass. and university of Josef Bouys in Spilit-Croatia 2011 Playing as soloist in Ghetto Art Center-Croatia

2010 Composer of The Sky Dome music project-Milad Tower. 2010 Chashman-e Gouya, Roudaki; The poet commemoration CD Vocalist:Mohsen Keramati - Composer:SD Khavarnejad 2010 Artistic Director & Book Graphic Designer of The Sky Dome project, Milad Tower, Tehran/Iran. 2010 Composing teater music for NOMA Int.Teater Festival, Japan. 2009 Performed Roudaki, The Poet Commemoration Consert Vocalist:Alireza Ghorbani - Vahdat Hall in Tehran/Iran. 2009 Art Manager of B-asement Gallery in Dubai and USA. 2009 Collaboration with Tehran Music Ensemble, by Dr.H.Ardalan. 2008 Group Painting Exhibition, Iranian Artists Haouse, Tehran. 2007 To Static Immensity music CD; compositor of project (Donated at BORUSAN Music Center in Turkey-2010). 2007 Graphic designer of Iranian Sculpture Association’s Members Collection. 2007 Oriental Music Performance at Italian Embassy in Tehran/Iran 2007 7th Iranian International Painting Biennial Saba Cultural Center, Tehran/Iran. 2006-2007 Design and Performance of Bagh Museh Honar-e Irani, Iran. 2006 Music Performance at the Singapour Music Festivale, Swiss Hall (leadering by B.B.S Co). 2006 Square Line Group Painting Exhibition, Bamdad Gallery, Iran. 2005 7th Araguaney International Painting Biennial La Cronya/Spain. 2005 Un Giardino nella Voce; commemoration of Iranian Poet; Sohrab Sepehri - Residenza dell’Ambasciata d’Italia/Iran. 2005 Group Painting Exhibition, Laleh Gallery, Tehran/Iran. 2005 Group Painting Exhibition, Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran. 2004-2005 Music Performance for 8th and 9th commemoration of Ali Hatami, Iranian film director, Iranian Artist’s Haouse, Tehran. 2004 Participated as Painter in the First Tehran Art Expo, Vahdat Hall, curated with Tehran Contemporary Museum of Arts. 2004 Individual Painting Exhibition, Ganjineh Museum, Iran. 2004-2007 Collaboration as assistant in Painting Workshop at Art Universities 2003 6th Iranian Int. Painting Biennial, Tehran Contemporary Museum of Arts.2003 Group Painting Exhibition, Abadan Museum of Contemporary Arts 2001 Composing KHAJAK Music CD, Sweden. 1998 Individual Painting Exhibition, Ganjineh Museum, Iran. 1992-1998 First Stand of Student Competition, Respectively 6 Times - Iran.