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Purple Goo is GooooOOOOOooood

 Screen graphics created while using Purple-Goo, the new sound stretching application available for iPad and iPhone;  Photo by Seanica Howe.     Two years ago in an interview with the the well-known performance artist Ulay talked about how the art of the 1960s and 70s had been a crucial opportunity for altering the definition of what art is, but had failed.   During this time artists such as himself, Allan Kaprow, and Fluxus---to name a few---began to create work that embraced... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 8/3/13

Why Michael Jon Gallery and the Artists of “Gattaca” Matter

Will Rockel, 2013; ©Will Rockel/Courtesy Hunter Braithwaite       Friday night’s gallery opening at Michael Jon Gallery sparked seedy flashbacks of my trips to New York's Lower East Side, where my friends and I would hit gallery after gallery in search of the next great artist.  Unlike its more grown-up sister, Chelsea, where established artists are backed by gallery owners with deep pockets and large spaces, the Lower East Side offered us chance meetings with gifted unknowns while we... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 7/31/13

Miami’s Art Scene Just Got Hotter, Thanks to the Germans

           Inside CU-1 Gallery with three of its founders (from left to right): Marc Schmidt, Rober Weber, and Stephan Goettlicher; Photo by Seanica Howe.       Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.  By water, I mean art, and by drink, well, let’s just say I haven’t been doing much. Miami, leaving New York to come back to you was not an easy decision.  Are you aware of the number of mouth-watering Thai restaurants that exist in Manhattan?  When I traded them in for... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 7/16/13

Let's Talk About Sze....and the Venice Biennale

Time pushes us through life, and many of us don't have the opportunity to travel the world, much less take a moment to ourselves, to experience new places, people, and things.  More often than not, jobs, children, and a multitude of acquired responsibilities begin to take precedence over big dreams and the exciting challenge of entering uncharted territory.  Recently I met up with some old friends, all of whom have children and these very stable, contained lives.  Seeing them with their... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 6/20/13

Art Basel in Basel, Day Four: The People Behind the Magic

Joan McLoughlin, owner of The McLoughlin Gallery, pictured with artists (from left to right) David Middlebrook and Mckay Otto as well as McLoughlin gallerist Antonio Cortez; Photo by Seanica Howe. On my final day in Basel I would be remiss if I didn't do a little storytelling and share with you what goes on behind the scenes.  Unlike Miami, only a few satellites---SCOPE, Volta, and Liste---attempt to compete with the main Art Basel fair in Basel.  This year was especially challenging... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 6/16/13

Art Basel in Basel, Day Three: Money, Money, Money

Pablo Bronstein, , 2013; Photo by Seanica Howe. Two things have become quite obvious to me on this trip to Basel: 1. I need more wall space and 2.  If I'm going to continue being an art writer, I need to get a very rich boyfriend.  When one's favorite Gerhard Richter at Dominique Levy sells for $25,000,000 before you can even snap a picture, you know that you're in the wrong tax bracket.   Today was the day we went in and rubbed elbows with the big guns.  Prepare to be disgusted... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 6/15/13

Art Basel in Basel, Day Two: Ahhhhh "Unlimited"

Viewers behold Piotr Uklanski's Untitled (Open Wide), 2012, installation at Art Basel's "Unlimited;" Photo by Seanica Howe. Today was the day I ate my words.  Gagosian, please forgive me.  Hauser & Wirth, keep building.   Every terrible thing I've ever said about oversized galleries with big bank accounts? I take it back.  You are now my reason for being, my everything, because without your support of artists in need of large spaces and big budgets, I would have missed having my... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 6/14/13

Art Basel in Basel, Day One: SCOPE

I Santissimi, , 2012; Photo by Seanica Howe To say that Art Basel has become significant for our fair city is a bit of an understatement.  Do we even remember what Miami was like before this major event elevated it from vacation destination to cultural hot spot?  Those of us that had never been exposed to million dollar art suddenly became connoisseurs and were granted permission to enter a world we thought only existed in New York and Paris.  Well, the big daddy fair, father to... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 6/13/13

The Revelation of Great: Jerome Soimaud

The qualities of a great artist, I suppose, are always up for discussion in the art world.  For intellectuals, a great work might be one that elevates the mind or translates an idea. For those who covet the superficial, the captivation of the eye does the trick.  Maybe an artist or academician would analyze the work for technical skill: the balance of the composition, manipulation of materials and process, and its maker’s use of color and line, before declaring it great.  There are also those... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 5/21/13

Let There Be Light

Contemporary art has been stuck, locked in a frozen space that began somewhere around the moment that Andy Warhol capitalized on capitalism.  It’s gigantic.  It’s grotesquely commercial.  It’s elitist and cold.  And, guess what, it’s dead.  I know, I know, there are a few of you who want us to stay trapped in this era, mostly commodities traders that claim to be collectors or those who love the idea of dismissing beauty and emotion as insignificant notions of the uneducated.  But let me... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 5/4/13

Dig Deep

Occasionally we cross paths with others whose energy and nature is unfathomable.  How many people can we say live in pure alignment, fully devoted to the very essence from which they came and not deviating from this truth?   Look around. There are few.  For them their commitment to love isn’t a crusade, it’s a way of being that they’ve chosen never to ignore.  On the other hand, for many of us, understanding who we are and who we want to be can take decades.  I know that I fell into the latter,... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 4/26/13

Look Closer

As many are aware, I do my fair share of traveling: a few jaunts to Europe every year, flights to and from New York City are too numerous to count, and Chicago and Los Angeles are favorites too.  So I suppose I feel myself a bit of an authority on places to visit.  If you have never been to The Standard in Miami then you are missing out.  It is by far one of my favorite places on earth.   One of the secrets this delectable hotel and spa isn’t letting you in on is that a major reason it... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 4/19/13

NYC: From Aureus to Zwirner....And Everything in Between

If there’s anything I’ve learned from seeing art and writing about it, it's that visual pleasure is best shared with friends (and occasionally lovers).  For a while now, I’ve lived and traveled between two cities, primarily New York and Miami, and, despite the exhaustion it sometimes brings, being a nomad definitely has its perks.  The best one of all is the people I’ve met and relationships I’ve built along the way.  Just like the places in which they reside, those I know and love in New York... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 4/11/13

An Ode to the Rubells

Recently, I overheard a good friend of mine say: “There’s no need to look for love;  the perfect one is always right in front of your face.”  Do you know why people say such things?  Because they are true…in life, in love, and in art.   Here in Miami we have one of the greatest art collections in the universe.  Yes, I just wrote universe, because that’s how good it is.  And when the most fabulous contemporary art currently known to man is just outside your door, there is no longer an excuse not... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 4/4/13

Two BAC Artists You Need to Know: Toa Castellanos and Tina Salvesen

Sitting down to write about two of my favorite artists in Miami proved a difficult task.  Sometimes when we go about our daily routines, ones where we function on automatic pilot, we fail to question our actions.  Today, as I started to write, I began to ask myself: why does anyone write about art?  Why do I write about art?  The best I could come up with (because, no, contrary to what many in the art world would have you believe, you don’t need to be told what you love or why) is that there... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 3/26/13