Natalia Lara Stevenson-Oake

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Eve, 2012 Mix Media On Unprimed Canvas 156x92cm © yes
ArcanumI, 2012 Mix Media On Unprimed Canvas 154x87cm © yes
Arcanum III, 2012 Mix Media On Unprimed Canvas 230x123cm © yes
Dimensions, 2012 Mix Media On Unprimed Canvas 146x100cm © yes
Before, 2012 Mix Media On Unprimed Canvas 161x98cm © yes
After, 2012 Mix Media On Unprimed Canvas 196x121cm © yes
Enki, 2012 Indian Ink On Unprimed Canvas 202x127cm © yes
Guardian I, 2011 Mix Media On Unprimed Canvas 145x100cm © yes
Guardian II, 2011 Mix Media On Unprimed Canvas 115x87cm © yes
Adam, 2011 Indian Ink On Unprimed Canvas 185x122cm © yes
The Fallen Angels, 2011 Indian Ink On Unprimed Canvas 189x120cm © yes
Angelus, 2011 Indian Ink On Unprimed Canvas 228x142cm © yes
The One, 2009 Indian Ink On Unprimed Canvas 189x122cm © yes
Passion, 2009 Mix Media On Unprimed Canvas 190x120cm © yes
Muse, 2009 Indian Ink On Unprimed Canvas 192x110cm © yes
Pistis Sophia, 2009 Indian Ink On Unprimed Canvas 190x120cm © yes
Harmony, 2009 Indian Ink On Unprimed Canvas 190x120cm © yes
Sanctum, 2009 Indian Ink On Unprimed Canvas 150x122 © yes
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Oxford Polytechnic/Brooks University, 1989, Foundation Studies of Fine Art
University of Brighton
mixed-media, installation, modern, photography, digital, figurative

Born in Madrid, I lived there until I was seventeen. Due to my father's work circumstances we moved to England, Oxford in 1986. This had a great impact upon me and I changed my career path from science to art. I then successfully completed a Foundation Studies in Art & Design at Oxford Brookes University in 1989 and then went on to graduate from Brighton University with a BA Hons in Fine Art in 1992.

The following year I submitted a piece of work to for an international competition by The Royal Over-Seas League. My work and that of 40 other artists was selected by the British artists Adrian Berg, Prunella Clough, Albert Irvin and the Art Critic Keith Patrick to be exhibited as part of the 1993 R.O.S.L. 10th Annual Open Exhibition, officially opened by H.R.H Princess Alexander. As a result of the competition my work was chosen for a group exhibition in Vienna in 1993, at which I showed the whole series of painterly mono-prints. It also resulted in the offer for a solo exhibition at Henrietta House in London in 1994 but I found myself expecting a baby and offered a friend Peter Williams to share the show with me. I was presented with The Prince's Trust Award for this exhibition. I continued to exhibit when possible and also used my time to explore new ideas.

After two years exhibiting at The Open Houses at The Brighton Festival I was offered a show at Borders Bookshop in Brighton in 2001. At the same time my artwork was selected for the book The New Juicy Guide to the City of Brighton & Hove 2001, launched at Borders. At the end of 2001, I was offered a one-year full-time Master Degree at The University of Brighton and was awarded a scholarship from the Arts & Humanities Research Board to complete the course. During 2002 I was invited to exhibit at Borders Bookshop again, this time in Oxford and was sponsored by South East Arts

I successfully completed my MA in Fine Art in 2002 with my final exhibition piece "My 12 Heavenly Palaces with the 12 Ministering Angels". In the summer while at Oxford I was offered to exhibit at the bar/restaurant Frevd for the end of that year. A huge neo-classical building that was once a church. It was going to be my biggest challenge to date, a place where I could choreograph energy within a space.

In July 2003 Hector Proud the director of the PR Company Idea Generation interviewed me for my new project and agreed to launch my show. Without his backing and Jane White's the director of Chromatics, I would have not been able to do the exhibition. It was called "When Heaven Meets Earth". It was very well received and several newspapers interviewed me and I did a live TV show about the work.

For The Brighton Festival 2004 the Unitarian Church in the center of Brighton allowed me to do use their church building similar to Frevd's in Oxford for an adaptation of "When Heaven Meets Earth" for the whole the festival. In 2008 I joined a group of artists and exhibited again at the Open Houses for The Brighton Festival. In 2009 the gallery Bellis in Brighton exhibited my new work.
After this I had my new work up for a charity event in Lewes hosted by Camilla Dallerup of Strictly come Dancing. In 2011 Giovanni Hayter and I shared an exhibition at Eklectica Eco Living for the Open Houses. For The Brighton Fringe 2012, Brighton Marina and X-Leisure sponsored my venue and solo exhibition ‘The Journey’.

  • BRIGHTON FRINGE 2012, Solo Exhibition, Brighton Marina, Brighton 2012
  • CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE, Two-Person Exhibition, Eklectica Eco Living, Brighton 2011
  • STRICTLY NOT CRICKET, Charity Event hosted by Camilla Dallerup, Lewes 2010.
  • BELLIS gallery, new work, Brighton 2009/2010
  • CHRISTMAS OPEN EXHIBITION, Group Exhibition, Brighton, 2008
  • ART & CHOCOLATE, OPEN HOUSE, Group Exhibition, The Brighton Festival 2008
  • WHEN HEAVEN MEETS EARTH, THE UNITARIAN CHURCH, Solo Exhibition, The Brighton Fringe Festival 2004
  • WHEN HEAVEN MEETS EARTH, FREVD, Solo Exhibition, Oxford 2003
  • FLUID-INC LAUNCH, Group Exhibition, Queens Hotel, Brighton 2003
  • HEAVENS, FREVD, Two-Person Exhibition, Oxford 2002
  • INTERNATIONAL HORSE OF THE YEAR SHOW, MA Fine Art Exhibition, University of Brighton, Grand Parade, Brighton 2002
  • MUTATIONS, BORDERS Bookshop, Solo Exhibition, sponsored by South East Arts, Oxford 2002
  • ARGUS APPEAL 2001, BMC Gallery, Group Exhibition, Brighton 2001
  • MOVEMENTS AND STATES OF CAPOEIRA, BORDERS Bookshop, Solo Exhibition, Brighton 2001
  • UNCOVERED, Open House, Group Exhibition, Brighton Festival 2000
  • PHOTOGRAPHS AND PRINTS, The Radcliffe Infirmary, Solo Exhibition, Oxford 1999
  • THE NUDE, Open House, Two-Person Exhibition, Brighton Festival 1999
  • EXPRESSIONS, Daisy Daisy, Solo Exhibition, Brighton Festival 1999
  • WEDDING PORTRAITS, Private Wedding Commissions 1998/99/00/01/02
  • PRINTS AND PHOTOGRAPHS, The Tin Drum, Solo Exhibition, Brighton 1999
  • CHILDREN'S PORTRAITS, Private Photographic commissions 1997/98/99
  • MURAL, Sky gym, Brighton 1996
  • WORKS, The Sanctuary Café, Solo Exhibition, Brighton 1995
  • EAST WINDS FESTIVAL OF NEW BUTOH, Chisenhale Dance Space, Solo Exhibition, London 1995
  • PIECES, The Sanctuary Café, Selected Group Exhibition, Brighton 1994
  • RECENT WORKS, Henrietta House, Two-Person Exhibition, London 1994
  • KUNST 1ST, The Wilde Contemporary Art International, Selected Group Exhibition, Vienna 1993
  • 10TH ANNUAL OPEN EXHIBITION, The Royal Over-Seas League, Selected Group Exhibition, London 1993
  • FINE ART DEGREE SHOW, University of Brighton, Grand Parade, Brighton 1992
  • PRINTMAKING I, The Gallery, University of Brighton, Group Exhibition, Brighton 1991
  • LEAPS AND BOUNDS, Gardner Arts Centre, University of Sussex, Group Exhibition, Brighton 1990
  • THE BLOOMIN ARTS, East Oxford Community Centre, Exhibition Organiser, Oxford 1989
  • FOUNDATION STUDIES IN ART & DESIGN SHOW, Oxford Brooks University, Oxford 1989
  • ARTWORKS, The Gallery, Oxford Brooks University, Selected Group Exhibition, Oxford 1989