Luci Eyers

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Wild Goose Chase, 2013 Pencil, Watercolour and Ink on Paper 103 X 151.5cm © Luci Eyers
Untitled (Pigs II), 2012 Watercolour on Paper 10 X 25cm © Luci Eyers
Untitled (After Blaschka), 2013 Watercolour on Paper 15 X 12cm Each © Luci Eyers
Lacking Judgement II, 2013 Watercolour on Paper 16 X 22 Cm © Luci Eyers
Quick Facts
Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, 1983, BA Hons
Turps Banana Painting Programme, London, 2012
watercolour, mural, painting, drawing
Luci Eyers Brief Bio

In the mid 80’s I painted at the Slade School of Fine Art, leaving with the Henriques Scholarship. Until the mid ‘90s I painted in London; showing work in group exhibitions, with some solo shows in pop-up venues like Alternative Arts. At this point I veered off to work in the media arts and spent the latter part of the ‘90s making magazines and websites under the umbrella of the collective ‘everything Magazine”. This period included residencies and performances at the ICA and Arts Council of England funding to commission new work by artists using technology. The culmination of this was co-curating a London wide media arts festival in 2006 called Node.London.


In 2008 I resumed persistent drawing which has led to the recent series of paintings. 2012-13 was spent as part of the inaugural year of the Turps Studio postgrad painting programme. I am currently based in London, painting in a studio in Dalston.