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Liquid Modernity

With the ambition of giving the island6/Liu Dao blog a bit of cerebral clout, this is the first entry of a (hopefully) weekly series on “interesting ideas which have something to do with island6’s artworks”. So this week’s theme is… ‘Liquid Modernity’ ‘Liquid Modernity’ is the brainchild of the Polish-born sociologist Zygmunt Bauman. Towards the end of the twentieth century Bauman was one of a number of scholars who had became frustrated and wary of the ambiguities and misconceptions which surround the term ‘post-modernity’. Thus in his 2000 book he presented ‘Liquid Modernity’ as an alternati... [more]
Posted by Liu Dao on 3/14/13

About: Liu Dao and island6

Liu Dao 六岛 (Liù dǎo, a Pinyin phrase meaning "island number 6") is a Shanghai-based art collective of artists, photographers, curators, writers and self-proclaimed 'tech-geeks'. The collective creates complex contemporary artworks using a blend of digital and traditional technology that contemplates the transformations of modern Asia and China, and above all the pulsing metropolis of Shanghai. Liu Dao always emphasises collaboration and co-operation as its prime modes of work, relying upon the confluence of both ideas and skills to keep pushing limits and stay ahead of the contemporary art-world. ... [more]
Posted by Liu Dao on 3/6/13

Instinct and Civilization

It always seems somewhat lazy to quote Freud. Despite, or perhaps because of, the repeated vigorous refutations of his theories by the high and mighty of the scientific community, his ideas retain such a powerful hold upon contemporary imagination that ‘Freudian’ as an adjective is bandied around at will. This has had the counter-intuitive effect of discrediting his ideas through their very popularisation. Regardless of this sorry state of affairs, we will not quote Freud – but we shall summarise. In his classic Civilization and its Discontents (1929) Freud presents the argument that there is... [more]
Posted by Liu Dao on 3/6/13