Marisol D'Estrabeau

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Life Drops, 2010 Acrylic / Canvas 150 X 150 X 5 Cm. © Marisol D'Estrabeau
Transfromation Drops, 2010 Acrylic / Canvas 150 X 150 X 5 Cm. © Marisol D'Estrabeau
I am Water, 2010 Acrylic / Canvas 111 X 111 X 5 Cm. © Marisol D'Estrabeau
Viceversa sin cuenta, 2010 Acrylic / Canvas 100 X 80 X 5 Cm. © Marisol D'Estrabeau
The Totonaztec Family, 2011 Acrylic / Canvas 150 X 150 X 5 Cm. © Marisol D'Estrabeau
The Sustance of the Beggining, 2009 Acrylic / Canvas 190 X 145 Cm. © Marisol D'Estrabeau
Dialogues with myself , 2009 Acrylic / Canvas 90 X 70 X 5 Cm. (2 Pieces) © Marisol D'Estrabeau
Mandrake of Light, 2009 Mixed / Canvas 110 X 90 X 5 Cm. © Marisol D'Estrabeau
The Flyer of Papantle, 2009 Acrylic / Canvas 145 X 110 X 5 Cm. © Marisol D'Estrabeau
Pseudo Matatena, 2008 Acrylic / Canvas 90 X 70 X 5 Cm. © Marisol D'Estrabeau
Flyer, 2009 Acrylic / Canvas 70 X 90 X 5 Cm. © Marisol D'Estrabeau
Las figuras del arlequín, 2009 Acrylic / Canvas 90 X 70 X 5 Cm. © Marisol D'Estrabeau
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Arte AC. Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Diseño, 2001, 2005
Marisol D'Estrabeau, mexicoartist, mixed-media

Bugs, Crickets, Snails, Dragonflys, Centipeds, Fireflys and Butterflys were insects in forms of influence to her discourse.

D’Estrabeau’s work is a fantastic one, where nature’s inspiration is reflected along with a certain internal dream world. Marisol D’Estrabeau, who is constantly searching for new shapes and combinations, experiments continually with different media and techniques.

Marisol D’Estrabeau was born in 1982, in Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico.  From a young age she grew up in an awakening of emotions experienced in nature, in her discipline with swimming and the endless travels she begins.

At the age of 11 she moves with her family to Cancun City, where her discipline in swimming gives her the opportunity to travel and to live in Mexico City and being part of the National Team, representing Mexico in countrys like Guatemala, Cuba, USA and France. These journeys starts on her the necessity of express in art and to know other cultures.

In 2000 she lives in Italy, where she starts the exploration of her drawing talent, during this period she draws to his father the Italian lifestyle and landscapes.

From 2001 to 2005 she studies Art Graphic Design in AC in Monterrey, NL, where she begins to create guided by a spiritual sign, a human and a professional one.

In 2006 she presented her first international exhibition in Montreal, Canada. Then, she participated in a collective art project and exhibition featuring artists from Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, and Spain. In 2007, she returned to Cancun, where she currently resides and had her first solo exhibition "Not long." Between 2007 and 2009 she has exhibited in different places like MACAY Museum of Contemporary Art in Merida, Mexico, La Casa Benito Juárez, in Havana, Cuba and the Consulate of Mexico in Frankfurt, Germany among others. 

In 2010, she received the Young Artists Fellowship awarded by the State of Quintana Roo to create her project: "Drops of transformation" during this year. The result of this project will be shown in 2011 in a traveling exhibition. Also in this year, an artwork is selected to participate in the II Bienal de pintura Gómez Palacio, Dgo. 2010.

During 2011 she shows the serie of Drops in different places like “La Casa de la Cultura de Cancún” and “DEMINA, the Laboratory of Arts in Acapulco, Gro. She takes a qualifield on Actualization of Visual Arts by CONACULTA in Cancun, where she lives and works actually.

In 2012 she participates in an Auction in the “Modern Art Museum of Mexico City” for the Mexico Live Art Foundation.