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mixed-media, installation, video-art, digital, figurative, conceptual, exhibition/performance
Enginyart | Technology & Art

Enginyart is an innovative company specializing in the development of the technology that require contemporary art projects. We provide a personalized and comprehensive service that solves the technological needs of the artist, from the planning of the technical design until its public display.

Art Consulting Services.
Enginyart supports the artist during the entire creative process. We rely on the artistic original concept to provide the technical design that harmonise with the artistic production, give a suitable solution for the interaction with the public and adapt the design to the installation.

Technical Services.
After setting the design, the engineering team is responsible for developing and implementing the technical specifications of the art work. All of our projects are developed with Opensource technology and environmental friendly procedures.

For further information don´t hesitate to contact us. We will try to respond you as soon as possible.

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   40229 Düsseldorf (Germany)
   +49 1522 5142655

Our research explores the limits of what is possible in art, both from an artistic and an engineering viewpoint, combining art and engineering.