Ford Allen

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Reverse Welfare

It is an art industry quirk that you are expected to work for free. Just look at the craigslist postings for gallery or museum jobs and you will invariably find “intern” in the description. The fact that art makes oodles of dough, that museums’ and high-end galleries’ cups runneth over seems to have no bearing on worker compensation. It should instead be called reverse welfare or at least working for nothing. I interned of course, at the Whitney Museum. Interning is presumed to be your entry... [more]
Posted by Ford Allen on 9/10/08

Art Bubble

When is the art bubble going to burst? I guess no one has really taken out a mortgage to buy their Koons so how bad could it become really. The middle of the art market is dried up already. Only expensive work can find buyers, presumably because this work has actual value. But this value only exists if another collector is willing to buy it off you. If the wealthy loose confidence in the value of their art, then what will become of all the auction... [more]
Posted by Ford Allen on 9/8/08