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1. Feb
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Jeon ju
Jeonju University, 1977, BFA
Hongik University, 2010, MFA
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Ann 330 Gallery. LA. USA
styrofoam, polystyrene, automotive paints, car, aluminium, installation, sculpture
Hue Master

Artist  Hue Yol  Liu

As a painter, he seeks to express in his own way the feelings that people have. People who
have lived through the emotions of joy and sorrow, love and hate, these emotions combine
in his creations. First, he creates forms made of styrofoam, and covers them with aluminum
plates. Finally, the aluminum plates are coated with automotive paint, in vivid metallic colors.
This Method is his trademark.

In his choice of materials, and in the creation of these sculptures, he expresses a range of
elements of the human condition. Human feelings are easily hurt by other people,
and this is represented by the change in the physical properties of the stryofoam due to
Heat and pressure. As aluminum does not corrode in any environment,
neither does the human tendency to retain the value of the sublime. He uses the variety of
colors of automotive paints to represent the way different people in industrialized societies
live and mingle with each other.

As a painter, he has inherited the temperament of the Baekje period and the Goguryeo
period, expressed through the detail  and scale of his work. The harmony and movement of
Korean dance, with its dynamic yet subtle dance moves, show in the features of his figures,
and the colors of spring flowers flare with a metallic sheen, as the spring is short but intense.
He is constantly seeking to change. The "Rhythm" and “Gate of Nirvana" series,
which started from 2012 year's LA exhibition, reflect the beautiful evolution of his method.