Patrick Todd

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False Flag Event, 2012 Oil On Canvas 16" X 20" © Patrick Todd
Avocado vs. Pomogranate, 2013 Oil On Canvas 16" X 20" © Patrick Todd
Future Crime Monitor, 2012 Oil On Canvas 16" X 20" © Patrick Todd
Unraveled, 2013 Oil On Canvas 16" X 20" © Patrick Todd
Time Traveler, 2012 Oil On Board 12" X 16" © Patrick Todd
Pure Luck, 2013 Oil On Canvas 16" X 20" © Patrick Todd
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CW Post Long Island University, 1997, MFA
cal state fullerton, 1993, BFA

For me, the act of artmaking is more one of channeling than self-expression, per se -- a bridging of the reams of the Unconscious and Conscious rather than the translation of my perceptual data into imagery or my desires into form. This aligns me more with Ancient, pagan worldviews (and their respect for received knowledge), than with the Western intellect-based approaches. That said, a host of Western thinkers, artists, and philosophers have deeply influenced me on this path: 19th-century spiritual and self-knowledge movements like Theosophy and Hermetic Philosophy; 20th-century writers like Joseph Campbell (and similar anthropological-spiritual approaches that synthesize Judeo-Christian symbologies and storytelling and Eastern wisdom); modern-day, shaman-style artists like Joseph Beuys; and contemporary practitioners such as Bruce Nauman, Robert Irwin, and David Hockney, who engage with some of the things in life that fascinate me: behavior, perception, color.

You'll see a number of themes re-emerge throughout my work, as diverse as my output may initially seem. I'm obsessed with birth; horizons (both as passage from spiritual to physical State, as well linear demarcation) figure prominently throughout my photography, installation, sculpture; I like visual puzzles and geometries of all kind (my recent paintings bear this out, in particular); and when I work figuratively (as in my installations from the mid 1990s), it's often with a mind towards using some representation of smaller self in the quest for higher Self, like a pawn in a larger chess game. No matter a piece's subject matter, however, I strive to make myself emotionally accessible throughout my art.

Some artists feel that working in numerous mediums puts them at a disadvantage with their audience and scatters their energies, but my viewpoint is quite the opposite. I try to direct each spoke of my artistic wheel inwards towards a central hub; I siphon the unique expressive energies of painting, sound, installation, photo, directing them toward a greater Flow of self knowledge and aesthetic satisfaction.