Christopher Wilke

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The Fool 0 Oil On Linen 40x65" © CW Studios
Saint Anhedonia and the Moon Oil On Linen 11x14" © CW Studios
Ruins Oil On Linen 18x24" © CW Studios
Katelyn and her Full Length Mirror Oil On Linen 40x60" © CW Studios
Her Secret Number Oil On Linen 11x14" © CW Studios
Untitled 2 Oil On Linen 8x10" © CW Studios
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dark, occult, religious, portrait, family, surrealism, traditional, photography, figurative
Christopher Wilke

Christopher Wilke is an American artist born in 1980.  Although the artist considers himself self-taught he did study with Geoffery DeMarco, a Parson's Graduate with honors, who instilled him with an interest in abstract oil painting introducing him to DeKooning, Pollock, and Bacon among others.  He also worked as a portrait artist with Paul Skipworth and Steven Kramer.


When he left home at 18 he began to develop a serious interest in religion and the occult.  In considering this, coupled with his new love of the Old Masters and their techniques (including Velazquez, Vermeer, and DaVinci as well as the 19th century Romantics such as Cot and Waterhouse), as well as his expertise in creating portraits, a very clear picture of the artist begins to emerge.


In his late twenties the traditions of the formal portrait began to play an important role in Christopher Wilke's uncommissioned pieces and the figure became a central theme in his work. This development gives us the body of work that we see on these pages.


Christopher Wilke continues to experiment with the figure and its ability to create new archetypes through the use of decoration, deformity, narrative, and environment. He is also actively sought out for private portrait and figurative art commissions for a growing clientele that are drawn to his mastery of the human form and his ability to capture not only the likeness, but the inner world of the sitter.


Christopher Wilke's work is in many private collections, and he has been chosen to participate in many shows, including the "Eighty-Third Grand National Exhibition" with The American Artists Professional League at the Salmagundi Club in NYC, the notorious "Nude Nite" show held annually in Tampa, FL, Art@Large's "Going Underground" show in NYC, and the  "Opposites Attract" show at the Arts Alliance Center in TX at San Jacinto College among others.  In 2008 the artist held a rare solo show at the Jennifer Bates Memorial Gallery, Philadelphia Pa. titled "Specters of the Id" organized with his friend David E. Williams as a "self-curated retrospective of my past endeavors, mentally cleaning house, before I begin the next chapter".


The artist once again resides in the NYC area.