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100% BIO, 2010 Oil On Canvas 2m X 2m
Series of drawings "Anti-Wrinkle." , 2011 Color Pencils And Acrylic On Cardboard "Kraft". 140 X 100
I love you. , 2012 Oil On Canvas 130 X 162
Series of drawings "Anti-Wrinkle." , 2011 Color Pencils And Acrylic On Cardboard "Kraft". 140 X 100
A Waterfront., 2012 Oil On Canvas 130 X 162
Series of drawings "Anti-Wrinkle." , 2011 Color Pencils And Acrylic On Cardboard "Kraft". 100 X 70
Series of drawings "Anti-Wrinkle." , 2011 Color Pencils And Acrylic On Cardboard "Kraft". 100 X 70
Series of drawings "Anti-Wrinkle." , 2011 Color Pencils And Acrylic On Cardboard "Kraft". 100 X 70
Series of drawings "Anti-Wrinkle." , 2011 Color Pencils And Acrylic On Cardboard "Kraft". 140 X 100
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“Kharkiv State Art College”, Kharkov, U.R.S.S., 1978, graduated with honors in 1982.
"St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of the I.E. Repin." St. Petersburg. (Leningrad). U.R.S.S., 1985
figurative, mixed-media

        Viktor Musi is a french contemporary artiste, born in the Ex Soviet Union (U.R.S.S.) in 1963. Active participant in the movement of “Soviet Nonconformist art” of the 80s (the group independent artists “З.О.”) in the Ukrainian S.S.R. (U.S.S.R.). Awarded the “Silver Medal of Arts” by the Committee «French Merit and  Devoition» for the painting «The Last Evening». Paris . 2000.

        1972 - Begins to paint under the direction of his mother. Between 1974-1985 Viktor Musi is studying in variais “Schools of Fine Arts” in the U.R.S.S.: 4 years – Krementchoug (U.R.S.S) , 4 years -“Kharkiv State Art College”, Kharkov, U.R.S.S.- he graduated with honors in 1982. He finished his studies ( one year- free student) in “St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of the I.E. Repin” St. Petersburg. Russia, workshop Gennadu Monacherov.

           In the 1980, Viktor Musi takes part in the movement of the “Soviet Nonconformist art”  in the Ukrainian S.S.R. (U.S.S.R.). Part of the painters who denounce the concept of  ”art nomenklatura” (or “official Soviet art”), he is co-founded in 1984 the group of young independent artists “З.О.” (in рус -”Зелёный Остров”) – ( in en“The Green Island”) in  Krementchoug  Ukrainian S.S.R. (U.S.S.R.).  Not corresponding the “official Soviet art“, forced by the official authorities of “public artistic life”, artists of this group found a way out to the viewer through “apartment exhibitions” (in рус. “квартирные выставки”). From 1984 to 1991, he participated in many “no-official” exhibitions group of independent artists painters “З.О.” in Ukraine. In 1988 he participated in the major independent group exhibition ”З.О.” in Moscow.

        After dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Viktor Musi co-founded the group of independent artists « A.P.R.I.L.- 91» wiht the celebried jazz -musician Peter Kholer of “Wiesbaden  Juristenband” in Wiesbaden, West Germany.

          From 1986 to 1990 he was professor of drawing, painting and sculpture to “School of Fine Arts” Krementchоug and also works as a cartoonist in several local newspapers.

          He stopped teaching in 1990. Independent Artist since 1990.

         1990 Makes his first visit to Europe. Between 1990-1992, there is an interior designer in many Grande magazine in his hometown and in the Poltava region. In 1998, he created the logo of the semi-maraton “Wine Route” of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

          From 1990 to 1995, Viktor Musi produced mainly  murals paintings, in the official buildings in his hometown and in the Poltava region. In 1991 he performed his first solo exhibition in Bad Münstereifel, near Bonn, Germany “Gallery Hotel de Ville.” During this exhibition, he met Lev Kopelev, writer and Soviet dissident. This meeting played an important role in defining the political position of the young artist.

          Between 1991-1997 Victor Musi frequently like to stay in France, Austria, Germany and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where, for discovering and studying all the new trends and movement in contemporary art, he visited numerous Museums and Art Centers contemporaries.

           1997 First  visit to Paris. During his first visit to Paris, France, in 1997, Viktor Musi meeting Marjorie Cézanne – Justet family of famous painter Paul Cézanne who remained his friend. In 1999,Dominique Bosch, editor of  Magazine “Artists” asks an article on the technique of his painting.

           In 1998 Viktor Musi  has received “Certificate” and “Diplome” award at the annual  concours “Make the paint on the Champs-Elyėees” organized by Mairie de Paris,“Committee on the Champs-Elysées” and the Magazine  “Artists”

            In 2000 he moved to France. In 2004 he was advisor to a film by Yves Rodrigue“The Fair Sorotchintsy,” according to Nicolas Gogol. In 2001, in Vianden (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) Viktor Musi wrote a poetry book  “The Spring of Luxembourg” His first exhibition in Paris, “Figuration Critique” Grande Arche de la Defense, is noticed by the Parisian gallery Yves Mugnier. In 1999, the first solo exhibition in Paris, “Galerie Yves Mugnier” .For his exhibition at the Louvre in 2002 he met Great Couturier Ms.Carven,( meeting and friendship).

            In 1990, two paintings of Victor Musi were selected to participate in a very important exhibition Contemporary Art  from Ukraine” - the first independent exhibition of modern Ukrainian artists after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This exhibition was organized with the active participation and support of  Mr. Edward Shanahan, President and Head “Choate Rosemary Hall”, Mr. David Pease, Dean, “Yale Scool of Art” , “Yale University”, art historians and professors  “Yale Scool of Art”  “Yale University”, who specially came to Ukraine for self-selection of artists and paintings, contradict the existing, yet in that time , “the official Soviet system” in the Art.

             In 2003-2004,  Victor Musi has created a series of paintings on the theme of “Dance.” This series of paintings was created based on sketches made directly to the“Academy of Dance Poncelet” Bernard Boucher,   the 1 dancer of the Ballet “Paris Opera”, professor at the School of Dance ” Paris Opera”. This series of paintings was exhibited for the first time in 2004 at the gallery “Art Club”, Paris. France

                     More than 150 personal and collective exhibitions in Europe ,USA.

Lives and works in Paris. Studio

          In 2011 – The first retrospective of Viktor Musi “Twenty-5.” “1986-2011. 25 years pictorial creation. “Vianden Castle.” Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

             "I was always a colorer and I always declared a love for colors. That is, I love of the color as such.This series of paintings – it is a mixture of colors and energy. Plants and flowers celebrate my attachment in the nature. In every paintings of this series, I use a shape: an ordinary shape which I try to make extraordinary. The shape which always works as an alive body which multiplies – I used the repetition of the same shape, which is never completely identical.

        Every line,in this series of paintings is worked, every shape is decided. It is one works of an extreme concentration, rigorous work and of precision, which is also similar to the meditation. These lines and these forms, interlaced, and crossing some itself of the others, create a microcosm – the microcosm in the macrocosm … a world in a world…  a universe in a universe. I look for the monumental in the infinitesimal. Almost abstracted, this series of paintings spreading a universe of very colored, almost psychedelic forms, on the border between the graffiti and the elaborate motives for ornamentation. I unload with colors and forms on the painting in a very authentic and very intense way an emotional tsunami.

        The rare fragments are realistic. Lines emanate double one readings possible.In this series, i am interested in the double property of the images which surround us, physical and metaphysical, and it is for çà that every work of this series is an adventure at the same time physical and mental, as a quest of absolute. I developed a varied and repetitive formal language from motives and from fluid lines.This series of paintings convene the myths, the non-western symbols, the astrology, four elements, eroticism, sensory perception and a whole dreamlike universe.

         This painting brings the spectator to various levels of reading.The image in this series of the painting is always a place of meeting and invitation in the escape, the pure utopia in the dystopia.The possibility of reconstituting an imagination from these chosen fragments stays in each.The eye moves of pieces abstracted in representational details, works get free a big energy, excited feelings, but from a painting to the other one the harmony can slide towards the chaos."

                                                                                                                                   Viktor Musi. Paris,  2012.