Katarzyna Adamek-Chase

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Italian landscape 1, 01.2013 Mixed Media On Canvas 65 X 105 © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
Italian landscape 2, 01.2013 Mixed Media On Canvas 67 X 107 Cm © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
Implosion, 2012 Mixed Media On Canvas 90 X 160 Cm © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
Rainy, 2011 Mixed Media On Canvas 90 X 120 Cm © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
NYC, 2010 Mixed Media On Canvas 100 X 150 Cm © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
NYC 1, 2011 Mixed Media On Canvas 150 X 100 Cm © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
Cityescape IX, February 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 70 X 95 Cm © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
Sardinia, 02.2013 Mixed Media On Canvas 95 X 145 Cm
Cityescape, 2011 Acrylic, Watercolor On Canvas 80x120 Cm
Road II, 2013 Acrylic And Ink On Canvas 100x320 Cm © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
Road , 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 160x300 Cm © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
Wind, 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 110x160 Cm © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
Landescape Oil On Canvas 120x135 Cm © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
Summer, 2013 Ink On Canvas 100x160 Cm © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
Mountain, 2012 Crayon On Paper 100x70 Cm
Shore II, 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 80x90cm © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
Shore, 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 73x90 Cm © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
detail of Structure, 03.2014 Oil Pastel On Paper, Sgraffito ©
Structure 1, 01.03.2013 Oil Pastel On Paper, Sgraffito 100x70 Cm ©
Structure 2, 01.03.2014 Oil Pastel On Paper, Sgraffito 100x70 Cm ©
Structure 3, 03.2014 Oil Pastel On Paper, Sgraffito 100 X 70 Cm ©
Structure 4, 03.2014 Oil Pastel On Paper, Sgraffito 100 X 70 Cm ©
detail of Structure 4, 03.2014 Oil Pastel On Paper, Sgraffito ©
Structure 5, 01.04.2014 Oil Pastel On Paper, Sgraffito 70x50 Cm ©
Structure 6, 01.04.2014 Oil Pastel On Paper, Sgraffito 50x70 Cm ©
detail of Structure 6 Oil Pastel On Paper, Sgraffito ©
Structure 7, 01.05.2014 Oil Pastel On Paper, Sgraffito 50x34 Cm ©
detail of "Soft stone", 02.03.2014 Oil Pastel On Paper, Sgraffito ©
detail of "Soft stone", 02.2014 Oil Pastel On Paper, Sgraffito 50x70 Cm ©
Soft stone, 2014 Oil Pastel 50x70 Cm © Katarzyna Adamek-Chase
Land 2, 09.2014 Oil On Canvas 145 X 90 Cm ©
Land 1, 09.2014 Oil On Canvas 145 X 90 Cm ©
Quick Facts
Birth year
Lives in
Academy of fine Arts in Krakow, Poland, 2000, 2005
Secondary Art School in Krakow, Poland, 1995, 2000
Music School in Krakow, Poland, 1987, 1995
Universidad de Valencia, 2004, 2004
Representing galleries
Galeria M (Wroclaw, Poland), Kuratorium (Warsaw, Poland)
mixed-media, figurative
Art Bio

For me, painting is a way of creating a dialogue with reality. Even topics that are trivial at first glance can hide multiple senses and symbols and contain versatile values.  Art helps me accept the world I live in.  

I try to follow nature which is the essence of a human being - diverse, powerful and ambivalent.  I find balance between tangible and abstract things, realism and dreams, geometric and shapeless objects.  Painting, despite its limitations, is a perfect form of expression.  It can express knowledge and emotions.  I use various methods not just for experimentation’s sake, but to highlight the unevenness of the world; I thrive to express this in my paintings.

Creation teaches humbleness and I don't want to keep my creations to myself.

Katarzyna Adamek-Chase (born in 1980, Poland) is a graduate of the Graphic Arts Department of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (Poland). In 2005 she successfully defended her diploma work (MFA) in the animation film studio of Professor Jerzy Kucia. Her diploma stop-motion animated film was based on oil-paintings on the glass. In 2004 she received a scholarship to study for six months at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Universidad de Valencia Politechnica in Spain. She is a member of the Association of Polish Artists ZPAP. Currently Katarzyna lives and works in Krakow. She devotes her time to painting, drawing, illustration and graphic design. Many of her works are held in private collections in Poland, England, Germany, Spain and United States.

Individual exhibitions:

– 2014 GEOmetria II, Raven Gallery, Krakow, Poland

– 2014 GEOmetria, Kuratorium Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

– 2013 33 paintings, Main Foyer in Baltic Filharmonic, Gdansk, Poland

– 2013 Mapy osobiste, paintings, NCK, Kraków, Poland

– 2013 Linearia, Pod Plafonem gallery, Wrocław, Poland

– 2012 Dualism, Sofa Loft - Hannover, Germany

– 2012 Dreamed space, paintings and photography, Migawka - Kraków, Poland

– 2011 City Escapes, paintings, ETHER Gallery AM Zamoyscy, Warsaw, Poland

– 2010 Canvas, paintings, 4h-art Gallery - Hannover, Germany

– 2009 Who,man - paintings and drawings, Justine Bottger Gallery - Berlin, Germany

– 2002 Pauza - photography, Concert hall at Music School im. Karlowicza - Krakow, Poland

Collective exhibitions:

– 2014 Fabric of the Land, Union Square, Aberdeen, Scotland

– 2014 8th International Triennale of Polish Contemporary Drawing - Galeria Oficyna, Lubaczów, Poland

– 2014 8th International Biennale of Miniature - Centre of Cultural Promotion "Gaude Mater", Częstochowa, Poland

– 2014 4th International Biennale of painting “Quadro Art” - Central Museum of Textiles, Łódź, Poland

– 2013 IX Triennale Małych Form Malarskich, Toruń

– 2013 3 Operas - 3 painters in Opera, Krakow Opera, Cracow, Poland

– 2013 - ArtRing 2, Wrocław

– 2013 Krakow Art Expo, Tomaszowice, Poland

– 2012 Untouchable, Poznan, Poland

– 2012 Dall’aqua nasce l’anima, Camaver, Bellano/Como lake, Italy

– 2011 Longin Studio Gallery - Krakow, Poland

– 2011 HanseArt ArtFair -  Bremen, Germany

– 2008 Available Art - Museumsquartier Wien - Vienna, Austria

– 2006 mARkeT - collective exhibition, Centre of Culture “Galeria na pietrze” - Zabierzów, Poland

– 2004 Available Art - photo installation at collective exhibition, Sheik Yerbouti Gallery - Krakow, Poland

– 2004 Searching for own worlds - collective exhibitions, SOLVAY Center of Modern Art - Krakow, Poland

Awards and Honors:

2013 - work qualified for an out of competition exhibition as chosen by the jury of the 9th Triennale Small Format Paintings - Toruń 2013

2013 - semifinal of Saatchionline Juried Voting “Bright lights. Big city.”

2013 - Nomination to the semifinal of the Strabag Art Award, Vienna, Austria

2012 - Finalist in the Untouchable painting competition -  Mediations Biennale, Poznan, Poland

2004 - Scholarship Socrates Erasmus at the Univerity of Valencia,Spain