Alexa Williams

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Tender Eddy, 2014 Chalk And Charcoal On Concrete 12" X 18"
Turf War, 2014 Paint And Charcoal On Concrete 12" X 18"
The Witness, 2014 Chalk And Steel On Concrete 12" X 18"
Fire Rubbed In, 2015 Chalk, Ink And Graphite On Concrete 18" X 24"
Suzuki Reaction, 2014 Chalk And Steel On Concrete 24" X 18"
Brighton Beach, 2013 Chalk On Concrete 24" X 48"
Bartlett, 2012 Chalk On Concrete 12" X 12" © alexa williams
Pyrbil Beach, 2013 Chalk And Wax On Concrete 24" X 24"
JonesBeach , 2013 Sand And Chalk On Concrete 48" X 144"
Schooner Ridge, 2012 Chalk And Wax On Sand And Cement 12" X 12" © alexa williams
Coney Island, 2013 Chalk And Wax On Sand And Cement 15" X 15" © alexa williams
South Lake, 2013 Chalk And Wax On Sand And Cement 5" X 5" © alexa williams
Tulum, 2013 Chalk On Sand And Cement 5" X 5" © alexa williams
Rockaway, 2012 Chalk On Sand And Cement 24" X 24" © alexa williams
Menemsha, 2013 Chalk And Wax On Sand And Cement 18" X 18" © alexa williams
Fort Tilden, 2013 Chalk On Sand And Cement 24" X 24" © alexa williams
Menemsha, 2012 Chalk And Wax On Sand And Cement 5" X 5" © alexa williams
Quick Facts
New York
Birth year
Lives in
Red Hook, Brooklyn
Works in
San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)
steel, concrete, Horizons, mixed-media, landscape, photography, sculpture

Native New Yorker Alexa Williams has been contemplating and abstracting landscapes for over 10 years. After she graduated from The San Francisco Art Institute in 2001, she moved to Spain to spend some time painting near the sea, where her horizon series began to form.

Upon moving to Red Hook Brooklyn, the industrial waterfront motivated a new direction, and straying from traditional art making materials she started a body of work on sheet metal using wax and oxidation processes, presenting the nostalgia of her landscape eroded into the steel by the rust itself. 

Subsequently she moved on to working in concrete using sand, stones and flora foraged from nearby coastlines and mixed with white cement and water. In this collection of work, Williams considered strength of footing in a city rebuilding itself after Hurricane Sandy, the challenge of civilization vs. wilderness, and the fragility of a moment.

Presently she continues to work with concrete, but has since abandoned any representation of a landscape. Working entirely abstractly, Williams is honing in on the relationships between organic and inorganic, strength and vulnerability, control and happenstance. In this new direction her mark making tools consist of an industrial array of construction chalk, spray paint, and graphite, corralling her urban surroundings and exposing a tenderness in such a durable world. By removing the context of the horizon, she unveils a more human experience of looking out from where she is standing, allowing the materials themselves to represent her urban landscape.

E D U C A T I O N: 
SAN FRANCISCO ART INSTITUTE: Bachelors of Fine Arts, painting 1997-2001

R E S I D E N C I E S:           
THE VERMONT STUDIO CENTER: Partial Fellowship for Winter Residency 2010
THE COOPER UNION: Summer Residency for painting, 2008

S E L E C T E D  E X H I B I T I O N S:
GALLERY BROOKLYN: “WHERE WE STAND” Solo show, Red Hook, BK, 2013
GIACOBETTI-PAUL GALLERY: “Coming Soon”, Group show, Dumbo, 2011 
ONEWAY GALLERY:  Group Show, Narragansett, RI, June 2010-January 2011
SCHAEFER LANDING:  Solo Show, Williamsburg, NY, 2009
WINDHAM FINE ARTS: “A Moment Suspended” Group Show, Windham, NY, 2007
33 CROSBY STREET:  Solo show. Manhattan, 2005
CURB ART SPACE:  Group show. Manhattan, 2005
CURB ART SPACE:  “Distances”.  Show with Mark Bouthilette.  NYC, 2004
GREELY SQUARE GALLERY:  Solo show. Manhattan April 2004

P R O F E S S I O N A L   A R T I S T I C   E X P E R I E N C E:
PHOTOGRAPHER:  Part Time/Freelance 2002-PRESENT
Promotional materials including actor’s & musician’s portraits & album covers.Lifestyle, weddings, and various events.
SCULPTURE CONSERVATOR:  Wilson Conservation 2004-2011
Senior inpainter, studio manager, and manager of onsite maintenance of private collections. Skilled in consolidating, casting, patinating, rebuilding, and inpainting of historic and contemporary works in various materials including stone, synthetics, wood, ceramics, and bronze. Experience ranging from the historic bronzes of the U.S. Capitol to the works of Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, and Donald Judd for clients including prominent galleries, private collectors and auction houses.

T V  A N D  M O V I E   R E N T A L S
SIRI: Paintings featured in Apple commercial for "Siri" 2011
NURSE JACKIE: Paintings featured in Season 4 of Showtime TV show, 2011
CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM: Paintings featured in Season 8 of HBO TV show, 2010.
AROUND THE BLOCK: Paintings featured in short film, October 2008
RESCUE ME: Paintings featured in Season 2 of FX television drama, June 2005

P R E S S:
DOSSIER: “Wax, Salt and Steel”  April, 2011
DOSSIER: “Home at the Atlantic Yards” April, 2010
ATLANTIC YARDS REPORT: “A mural…‘home’” April, 2010
NEW YORK TIMES: “In Herald Square, a Monument Is Ready for Action” September 17, 2007
CAPITAL DISTRICT HOME AND STYLE: “A Moment Suspended” June, 2007