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A Paddy in Paris

I've been navigating life in Paris since 2004. What a stupid idea to turn into a professional photographer in Paris, it's kinda like tryin to sell sand to the Arabs in the Sahara. Having said that I do enjoy Paris most of the time, like any relationship some days you love them and some days you just want to shoot them. I'm still finding my way artistically, still not sure what to say when people ask that well worn question 'what kind of photographer are you'? Well I shoot weddings, kids, bumps and babies, fine art nudes and other personal projects. You've got to do whatever comes your way, and I do. I'm not an art snob, in fact I know nothing. I do know I love what I do and that makes life bearable, even fun at times. My heart is in Burma/Myanmar and I go when I can.But summer in Paris is my busy time shooting Asian brides, marriage proposals on Pont Alexander III and all the rest.

I also teach photography, organise workshops  and will soon organise a photographic workshop trip to Burma. I never tire of doing the walking tours of my new town Paris. I really enjoy the Latin quarter where I've built up a good relationship with the locals thanks to my photography. I thank them by giving them prints and it goes a long way.

So if you find yourself in Paris feel free to look me up.