Flavio Tiberti

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Quick Facts

Flavio Tiberti’s research started from the analysis of the influence of the social setting in the integration struggle of contemporary life. Through different stages it became a search for the human being, in his essence, through reflections on the inconsistence of the existence.

Or the distance from real life, mainly to live a real lie. Within a finite time, constantly searching for glimpses of induced happiness, not knowing anymore when to stop and how to feel.

The "still life" and "itimidimiti" images were focused on the lives of isolated- emarginated people. The possibility of a total refusal of society at first (with the "absurdabsence" video) and the destruction of the family habits that homogenise to the group then (the installation titled "redroom"), mark the transition to a more introspective phase.

And "the art of falling apart" is a compendium of fallen parts, with or within himself. Not Silent, finally, represents the finding of traces, of fallen parts, of other lives in what surrounds us.

For his photographic works, Flavio uses only 1970s analogic cameras and black and white films.