Anees Peterman

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Quick Facts
Mumbai, India
Lives in
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Works in
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Sir J.J. School of Arts Bombay, India, 1964, Fine Arts
Pan American Art School, New York ,NY, 1971, Fine Arts
Chamberlayne Jr, College, Boston, MA, 1971, Interior Design
floral, impressionist, landscape

Anees Peterman

Born in Bombay, India, artist Anees Peterman who now resides permanently in Vancouver, is a graduate of Sir J.J. School of Arts one of India’s leading art colleges.  After much early success in Bombay, where she was regarded as one of India’s most promising young artists, Anees decided to broaden the scope of her studies in New York which, over the next 30 years led to exhibitions of her work there as well as in Boston, Toronto and San Francisco.

Also active as a performer in many local television and film productions, Anees is listed in “Who’s Who In The West”, and “Who’s Who In America”.  Her artwork figures prominently in numerous private collections throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Now working in a lighter, more impressionist style, Anees’ canvases infuse organic life forms with a blend of mysticism and spirituality.  In her works, a rose is not merely a rose, but a profound expression of a transcendent life force which is left to the observer to discover and reflect upon.