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Hang me, 2014 Wood Stain And Paint 16" X 20" X 1" Inches © 2014 @lli
blue toy gun, 2014 Happy Meal Toys, Old & Misc Toy Pieces Approx 7 1/2"X11"X3" Wood 16 1/2"X17" © @lli 2014
Hello Dali..., 2013 Duct Tape 50"X50" © 2013 @lli
throw it against a wall and see what sticks..., 2013 Original Image, Duct Tape On Canvas, Then Digitally Altered For An Augmented Reality Gallery Show 24"X 18" © 2013 @lli
one fish, two fish, cause of u, dead fish, 2011 Markers On Bristol Board 12"X 9" © 2013 @lli
The Snitches, 2013 Markers On Bristol Board 12"X 9" © 2013 @lli
did i ever tell you how fucked we all are?, 2011 Markers On Bristol Board 12"X 9" © 2013 @lli
karma...the fairy godmother, 2010 Markers On Canvas 20"X 16" © 2013 @lli
clover fairy, 2012 Markers On Canvas 18"X 14" © 2013 @lli
ivy fairy, 2012 Markers On Canvas 18"X 14" © 2013 @lli
marilyn rasterbation, 2013 Rasterized Photograpgh Placed Behind Recycled Cd Cases Approx 42"X 40" © 2013 @lli
buddha rasterbation, 2013 Rasterized Photograpgh Placed Behind Recycled Cd Cases Approx 24"X 33" © 2013 @lli
VHS tetris, 2012 Dimensions Vary With Position © 2013 @lli
lineup..., 2013 Marker On Canvas 24"X36" © 2013 @lli
skating on top of the world, 2011 Spray Paint On Bristol Board 12"X 9" Unframed © 2013 @lli
batwoman, 2012 Duct Tape On Canvas 40"X 30" Each © 2013 @lli
morrison, 2013 Duct Tape On Canvas 30"X 40" © 2013 @lli
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in a cabbage patch
Birth year
circa 1775...ish
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philly/new york
Moore College of Art & Design, 1993, BFA
mixed-media, installation, conceptual, pop, surrealism, modern, graffiti/street-art
@rtist's statement...

     am an artist. I graduated from Moore College of Art and Design a lifetime ago with a BFA in Fashion Illustration. I enjoyed vandalism more than fashion, so I became a street artist instead... 


    After an unexpected yet extremely rewarding 10 year career as Mama Bear and CEO of My Household, I'm back to vandalism full time...although I retain my CEO status mornings, nights, and alternate weekends. Because suburban mommies really do make the best vandals...


     work with mixed media, mainly creating stencils out of duct tape, illustrations with sharpies, and installation pieces using VHS and cassette tapes {and all of their parts}. I also have an ongoing series of Dr. Noose book covers which focuses on saying whatever I want about current social and political issues simply because the freedom of speech is a beautiful privelage and i choose to use it. A lot. Upcycling unused or dead items into art fascinates me, I am easily amused for hours with a few cans of spray paint, and I believe in fairies so over the years, I’ve created an entire world of way. And they are not delicate...




     Personal highlights include juggling and hula-hooping better than anyone i know {not at the same time}, a disturbingly accurate talent for spelling, and an intense dislike of white shoes... 


Thank you for visiting my world…..