Michelle Hold

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Free yourself, 2015 Acrylics,pigments, 120x150cm © Michelle Hold
We all shine on, 2016 Acrylics,pigments 120x200cm © Michelle Hold
Silent Light, 2015 Acrylics,pigments 120x120cm © Michelle Hold
Slowly melting, 2016 Acrylics,pigments 120x120cm © Michelle Hold
Inside, 2016 Acrylics,pigments 120x200 © Michelle Hold
Horizon of Beauty , 2015 Acrylics,pigments 120x120cm © Michelle Hold
Time will show, 2015 Acrylics,pigments 120x120cm © Michelle Hold
Another Time , 2015 Acrylics ,pigments 120x120cm © Michelle Hold
keep the secret, 2012 Pigments and Acrylics on Screen 210x90 Cm © michelle hold
Embrace the Oppurtunity, 2015 Acrylics,pigments on Canvas 150x150 Cm © Michelle Hold
I lost my wing, 2014 Pigments, Acrilics on Screen 80x80 Cm © MICHELLE HOLD
The Power of Choice, 2015 Acrylics,pigments 120x120 Cm © Michelle Hold
room with a view, 2012 Pigments and Acrylics 80x80 Cm © michelle hold
blue dream, 2011 Pigments and Acrylics on Screen 80x80 Cm © michelle hold
ONE STEP AT A TIME, 2013 Acrilics and Pigments on Screen 100x100 © MICHELLE HOLD
skyfall , 2013 Acrylics, Pigments on Screen 100x100 © Michelle Hold
Quietly blossoming, 2016 Acrylics,pigments 120x120cm © Michelle Hold
forever changes, 2013 Pigments, Acrilics on Screen 100x100 Cm © MICHELLE HOLD
Change, 2015 Acrylics,pigments 100x120 Cm © Michelle Hold
too many, 2011 Mixed Media 100x100 Cm © Michelle Hold
Imagine, 2013 Acrilics and Pigments on Screen 80x80 Cm © michelle hold
and they danced, 2013 Acrylics, Pigments on Canvas 31 X 31 X 2 Inches © MICHELLE HOLD
someday, 2013 Pigments,acrylics on Screen 60 X 60 X 3 Centimeters © michelle hold
viaggio, 2012 Pigments and Acrylics 100x100cm © michelle hold
Colour , light , energy , 2014 Acrylics and Pigments on Canvas 50x50 © michelle Hold
erased in time, 2013 Pigments,ash , Acrylics on Screen 80x80 Cm © michelle hold
Cromatismi, 2012 Acrylics, Pigments on Screen 80 X 80 X 3 Centimeters © michelle hold
Passionatly, 2012 Pigments and Acrylics 80x80 © michelle hold
everything has changed, 2013 Acrilics and Pigments on Screen 80x80 Cm © MICHELLE HOLD
and they danced , 2013 Acrilics and Pigments on Screen 80x80 © MICHELLE HOLD
land of passion, 2012 Pigments,acrylics Michelle Hold © Courtesy of Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali
rosso, 2012 Pigments and Acrylics on Screen 50 X 50 X 3 Centimeters © michelle hold
try to focus, 2012 Acrilics, Pigments on Screen 100x100 Cm © MICHELLE HOLD
on fire, 2013 Acrilics and Pigments on Screen 100x100 Cm © MICHELLE HOLD
open your mind , 2012 Acrylics, Pigments on Screen 80 X 80 X 3 Centimeters © michelle hold
Red Intensity, 2013 Acrylics, Pigments on Canvas 50 X 50 X 3.5 Centimeters © michelle hold
Travelling is sacred , 2015 Acrylics , Pigments on Canvas 150x150 Cm © Michelle Hold
Oltre l'immaginazione , 2016 Acrylics 120x120 © Michelle Hold
Quick Facts
Lives in
Milan; Italy
Works in
diffrent art corses in Paris,London ,Munic,Milan
Art Incubator Debut Contemporary London, 2014
Representing galleries
Velve Noir Salzburg, Debut Contemporary London
bold, informal, colorful, powerful, vibrant, abstract

Artists statement

My work is an exploration of the abstract, like dance gestures and the vibrations of color.

Light, movement, nature and new spirituality with scientific grounding are essential to my work and I am fascinated by the insight into the emerging concepts of science and new thoughts about our existence which start to create a diffrent sense of awareness. My best work seems to come out when I succeed to stay in a place of 'no-time, no-space, no-body' helped by yoga and meditation.

My themes are nature bound like my cycle on water, silence, light, earth.

 Since color is light, it is my first choice when I start my painting to connect instantly with the viewer.

My knowledge about color comes from my experience in textile design and the world of fashion, knowing that a small alteration of color tone can change the whole mood of a collection. 

My approach to painting is very energetic, a sort of dance, an impulse, an expression of joy and while painting I forget everything around me.

I believe that this is ultimately the energy you read in a painting, the force or, on the contrary, the softness of the brushstroke that captures the viewers attention.

My background of studying architecture made me also a constructor. Layer by layer the painting grows, refining what you can barely see, accentuating, canceling, for in the end, I want the viewer to feel intrigued by what they see without necessarily understanding it. I like the element of mystery, because that’s what life is, mysterious. So I play a lot with transparency. I have a fascination for things I do not completely apprehend, which are disguises . And that’s exactly why I paint abstract. Like Gorky said, “Abstraction allows men to see with his mind what he cannot physically see with his eyes.“ 

I like to pull the viewer into the canvas , to re-interrupt his daily routine, to lead him to see the beauty of this world and transmit energy and wellbeeing through color and gesture.

I see my painting as a filter of what goes on in the world and the events that surround me, a reflection of reality, distilled through my experience, into abstraction. 

My work is currently showing at an award winning art business and contemporary gallery space in London Debut Contemporary, Notting Hill.

My studio is close to Milan, an hour from Malpensa airport. 

Samir Ceric, CEO Debut Contemporary :" Michelle is an accomplished colorist , thanks to her experience in the world of fashion her color palette and compositions reveal an exquisite sensitivity for light and space."

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 Barry Martin: " In a world of fast, expanding technological know how, and an expanding number of world peoples who know not who they are, it is invigorating and reassuring to meet people whose firm beliefs are put into practice, to benefit, enliven, and make better, not just themselves but the lives of others.

One of them is Michelle Hold, who as artist has made her mark as abstract painter, and carved out an identity for herselve. She shamelessly makes vibrant, dynamic, polychromatic, colourful, resourceful, meaningful, strong, sometimes large- sized paintings, that invigorate, excite and inspire. She panders neither to taste ( except of course her own), nor current fads, or the kind of eye-catching, voguish, detritus that currently passes as art, and which is poured out by the ton in every arts quarter of the world!"

solo exhibitions 2015

"Warriors of Light"  Michelle Hold Soloexhibition   Debut Contemporary London may 

"Blue Mood "   Soloexhibition  march - Milano

Group exhibitions


Ongoing Debut Contemporary London 

Velve Noir Salzburg 

'Into the Blue' Castello di Rapallo  15-30 july

'Sound of Silence' Castello di Costigliole Asti  june

'Oltre l'immaginazione ' Accademia Filarmonica Casale Monferrato in may

'Vibrant Red' at International Training Centre of the ILO Turin 

Koinè  Castello d'Ovo Napoli


ongoing Debut Contemporary London

'Dream of Water' MonteRosaTerme Champoluc

'Silenzi ' Palazzo Lomellini Museum for Contemporary Art Carmagnola /Turin

'Nutrirsi di Luce' Ecomuseo Cellamonte e Borgo di Moleto

'Nutrirsi di Luce' Humanitaria Milano

'Koinè '     Museo Ricci Oddi  Piacenza  

'Koinè'     Galleria Spazio E    Milano       

'Atlante delle Nuvole '  Italian Culture Institute Vienna   

'When boys become men '  Debut Contemporary London  2014

International Art Fairs


Red Dot Miami

Step Up   Milano

Art Athina   Athens

ARTVILNIUS    one of the premier art showcases around the world for up-and-coming artists  


Berliner Liste Berlin


short bio:

Michelle Hold is born in Munich, grew up in Austria. She started studying architecture in Austria, then dropped by chance into modeling which gave her exposure on the international circuit. She lived in Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Munich, where she attended various art and textile design classes and subsequently worked as textile designer in Milan where her designs have been used by Krizia, Escada, Ungaro and Bluemarin etc. She has shown in diffrent artfairs, in exhibitions in Usa, China, Europe and her works are in Private collections in Italy, Austria, GreatBritain, Romania, Usa, Germany .


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