Carroll Fitzpatrick

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Construction/Reconstruction, 2010 Acrylic, Charcoal, Shoe Polish, Gesso, Ink, Coffee, And Wine. 108" X 56" © [C.M.] Fitz
Order/Reorder, 2010 Acrylic, Charcoal, Shoe Polish, Glass, Gesso, Wine, Ink, And Coffee. 108" X 56" © [C.M.] Fitz
Deconstructed, 2011 Acrylic, Charcoal, Shoe Polish, Gesso, Ink, Coffee, Cotton Fiber, Saran Wrap, Frog Skeleton, And Wine. 36" X 36" © [C.M.] Fitz
Reconstructed, 2013 Acrylic, Charcoal, Shoe Polish, Gesso, And Ink. 53" X 53" © [C.M.] Fitz
Destructured, 2013 Acrylic, Charcoal, Gesso, Matte Medium, And Ink. 62" X 72" © [C.M.] Fitz
Memories, 2010 Ink, Charcoal, Conte, On Paper 26" X 36" © [C.M.] Fitz
Quick Facts
Augsburg, Germany
Birth year
June 8, 1988
Lives in
Goose Creek
Works in
Naples American High School, 2006, Diploma
Agnes Scott College, 2010, B.A.
mixed-media, installation, modern, conceptual, exhibition/performance
Artist Bio

Carroll Fitzpatrick graduated from Agnes Scott College, a private liberal arts women’s college in Decatur, Georgia, with a Bachelor of the Arts in Studio Art.  While attending Agnes Scott College her most concentrated field of study was in painting and figure drawing.  She is a large-scale mixed media painter with a focus in abstract media and the study of contemporary art.  She also worked in sculpture, digital imaging, performance, creative writing, and in collaborative installation. 

Throughout the course of her study, Fitzpatrick has shown her work in a total of five exhibits, the most notable of which was the showing of Construction/Reconstruction a large 9 foot by 4 ½ foot mixed painting, a work of which Fitzpatrick gave a public artist talk at the Dalton Gallery in Decatur, Georgia. This work is currently housed in Athens, Georgia.  Another notable work was exhibited in a spring student show that consisted of a two-room collaborative installation titled Nightmare that explored the layering and dimensions of nightmares. Nightmare forced viewer participation as they walked through the large visceral work hearing sounds, changes in lighting, abstracted images in film, and tactile objects.

Fitzpatrick’s smaller works often explore childhood memories and feelings of impermanence caused by growing up in a large military family that lived in a total of eight different locations in the southeastern United States and abroad in Naples, Italy for four years.  A theme within which Fitzpatrick is currently working.