Ana Lagidze

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mixed-media, video-art, traditional, exhibition/performance



02.17.2013.             Gallery "ART AVENUE" - organized by "Women's Fund in Georgia” The exhibition "AUTO NOMOS”
01.15.2013               Member Femin & art , Women Artist Associaation.

21.11.2012             Exhibition charitable "Tbilisi in autumn 2012" Art – Fund. Trinity Exhibition Center.Tbillis Georgia
04.17.2012             Festival "beTlemoba" Bethlehem Church. Tbillisi.
22.03.2012             Charity auction house in Europe Tbillisi Georgia

03.09.2011             Architectural Workshop, Herbovital2. Italy
08.10.2011             National Celebration “Tbillisoba”  Group Exhibition                                       
15.-24.07.2011      Festival "art-geni" Georgian ethnography and craft exhibition                           

            Auction at the National Centre of Manuscripts to save the Gospel, Tbilisi .                             
06.04.-06.19.2011Exhibition "Я в кругу др"  Omsk, Russia                    
14.05.2011             Competition - exhibition "My Academy" in Tbilisi State Academy
15.-19.03.2011      Competition - exhibition "My art" Gallery TBC Smart Club                                                                                             
28.12.-28.01.2011 International exhibition  "FEMMINE" FABBRICAIMMAGINE   Roma, Italy                                                               22.10.2010             Exhibition "Вне стен"  Tara, Omsk, Russia
2010            Fest i Nova  ART VILLA GARIKULA 
15-18.09.2010       FestArte VideoArt Festival,  Roma, Italy                                                                                                                         2010                        Mail-Art Project of postal art, Belgium                                                                                                            20.09.2010             Mail-Art ""ME PINOCCHIO And MY MEMOIRS" in  ITALY

2010                        International exhibition "The monkeys of the wisdom" in Chauny  (Aisne, France)                    
30.05.2010             Exhibition INBETWEEN, GALLERY  N 9 in  Tbilisi, Georgia  

22.11.2002                 Ministry of Education of Georgia, - Contest on creating symbol for the project

                                 "Transformation and Consolidation of the Georgian Educational System" – Certificate

2001                       Arts contest organized by Tbilisi Municipality Educational Department – Deed

2001                       Regional contest "Centuries-old Struggle of Georgians for Freedom of Georgia" – Deed

2001                       Exhibition-Contest "My Rights", organized by the Children's Federation, Ministry of Education  

                                 and  State Department of Youth Affairs  – Diploma

2000                         The President's grant holder

1999                       Ministry of Culture of Georgia – exhibition "Motherland". – Certificate

1997                         Personal exhibition “Colored Dreams” at the Georgian National Art Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia                                

1997                       Charity activity "We Are We", organized by the Department of Culture of Tbilisi Municipality – Deed  

09.10.1999             The First South Caucasian Children’s Art Exhibition and Conference Held under the organization:   

                                 South Caucasian Children for Peaceful and Healthy Environment –  Diploma

10.06.1999           Children's art exhibition "Children of South Caucasus for Peaceful and Healthy Environment"–   Diploma