Walter van Rÿn

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Title(date)001, 2012 Digital © 2012 Walter van Rÿn
Title(date)009-p215, 2012 Artists' Book 16 X 24 Cm © 2012 Walter van Rÿn
SymLogiDIN Thing Font, 2012 Font, Digital © 2012 Walter van Rÿn
Symbiote with The Rag Factory London & 'Who is She?", 2011 Digital Print On Paper, Installation Postcard A6 © 2011 Walter van Rÿn
Symbiote with "The Few & Far Between", 2011 Video © 2011 Walter van Rÿn
The Winchester Gallery, a guide, 2011 Digital Print On Paper, Installation Folded A2 © 2011 Walter van Rÿn
Of Fig Untitled No In To Title I Portrait With Series Concetto Self Joy, 2014 Installation, Hardware/Software, Digital, Font, Artist's Book, Database © Walter van Rÿn
Quick Facts
symbiotic, mixed-media, installation, video-art, modern, digital, abstract, conceptual

Walter van Rijn, born in the Netherlands, works and lives in the U.K. He studied landscape architecture in the Netherlands and received his masters degree in fine art in the UK. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art,  researching the dispersed object of art and dispersion as a strategy.

His art practice revolves around the conventions of art, and questions the making and showing of art, using traditional and digital art forms, public art, or a combination of these media in ‘events’. A cross media practice dispersed through audio, blogs, books, fonts, videos, websites and exhibitions. The website forms an archive of his practice, and exemplifies a (re)dispersing and accumulating flow of art. Blog [...]VVVR