ArtUP! Media Art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey

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ArtUP! Media Art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey

ArtUp! is a new online platform about media art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. The platform aims to establish an online structure that will inform on the diverse media art scenes in the three countries and also on the different topics of media art.

A digital collection of artworks and essays provide a general overview on different tendencies in media art. The consistent version of the website in five languages [Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, German and English] encourages the international community to take part in this exploratory project. ArtUP! aims at providing resources to online audiences via a digital library on media art while creating new channels of communication.

The main objective of ArtUP! is to create collaborative networks between artists, writers, curators and cultural practitioners who are interested in the field of media art. Online visitors will be able to explore the art scenes of media art in Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey through a constantly evolving database of artists and essays on the subject.

ArtUp! offers artists the opportunity to present their work to an international audience, not only through visual summaries of their work, but also through virtual and physical exhibitions organized by local curators in all three countries.

ArtUP! seeks to create an active network of collaboration between media art practitioners and to reinforce cultural links between the three countries.

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… is a multilingual portal for media art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey
… expresses the diversity of media art
… outlines current trends in and around media art
… fuels discussion about society
… processes and posts information about media art
… presents artists
… links up artists
… presents media artworks
… curates exhibitions
… initiates workshops
ArtUP! is a project of the Goethe-Instituts in Ankara, Athens and Sofia.