Jeanette Luchese

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Nondescript but ever present, 2014 Acrylic, Graphite 24"X 24" © Jeanette Luchese
RHAPSODY IN D MINOR Revisited, 2013 36" X 36" © Jeanette Luchese
Life is a blur, then you focus 2013 , 2013 Graphite, Inks, Pastel, Acrylic On Claybord. 18" X72" © Jeanette Luchese
Leaning too far left, 2013 Acrylic, Resin 20" X 32" © Jeanette Luchese
The Dance, two steps back, three steps forward, 2014 Acrylic, Graphite, Chalk Pastel, Cold Wax Crayons On Pine Panel(S) 72" X 15' (5 Panels 36" X 72") © Jeanette Luchese
As the world turns, 2014 Acrylic, Graphite On Canvas 36" X 36" © Jeanette Luchese
A day a the beach - think before you swim, 2014 Graphite, Acrylic 16" X 20" © Jeanette Luchese
Out and About, 2014 Acrylic, Markers, Chalk Pastel 24" X 24" © Jeanette Luchese
I am waiting for you, 2014 Graphite, Acrylic, Cold Wax Crayons, Chalk Pastel 16"X20" © Jeanette Luchese
There is always a way out, 2014 Graphite, Acrylic, Cold Wax Crayons 24" X 24" © Jeanette Luchese
I wanna hold your head, 2014 Acrylic, Markers, Chalk Pastel 20 X 20" © Jeanette Luchese
A day at the beach, think before you swim, 2014 Graphite, Acrylic 16 X 20 X .5 Inches © Jeanette Luchese
Fumo Blue , 2012 Graphite, Ink, Dyes, Chalk Pastels, Acrylic On Claybord 6" X 6" © Jeanette Luchese
il Nascosto, 2012 Graphite, Ink, Dyes, Chalk Pastels, Acrylic On Claybord 6" X 6" © Jeanette Luchese
Labba Rosse, 2012 Graphite, Ink, Dyes, Chalk Pastels, Acrylic On Claybord 6" X 6" © Jeanette Luchese
The Gathering, 2012 Graphite, Inks, Pastel, Acrylic On Claybord® 8" X 8" © Jeanette Luchese
Have, Hold and Endure, 2012 Graphite, Inks, Pastel, Acrylic On Claybord® 8" X 8" © Jeanette Luchese
Rhythms of my mind, 2014 Graphite, Chalk Pastel 12" X 12" © Jeanette Luchese
The Creation of Visual Syntax, September 11 to October 7th, 2014 © Michael Taylor
The Gathering, 2014 © Jeanette Luchese
The Gathering, 2014 © Jeanette Luchese
The Gathering, 2014 © Jeanette Luchese
The Gathering, 2014 © Jeanette Luchese
Let the Adventure Begin, 2015 36 X 72" © Jeanette Luchese
The Green Man (L'uomo verde), 2015 Graphite, Coldwax Crayons, Acrylic Metallic Paint 16 X 16 X 1 Inches © Jeanette Luchese
Savouring the Moments, 2015 Graphite, Charcoal, Cold Wax, Acrylic, Photographic Dyes On Gallery Canvas 36" X 36" © Jeanette Luchese
From here to there, beyond and back, 2015 Graphite, Coldwax, Charcoal, Photographic Dyes, Acrylic 36" X 48" © Jeanette Luchese
No Escape, yet I try, 2015 Graphite, Charcoal, Coldwax, Photographic Dyes, Acrylic 36" X 36" © Jeanette Luchese
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Innisfil, Ontario


I create intuitively within interests in perception and am always amazed how embroiled it all becomes. We all rely on perceptions to guide us through our world, comparing and contrasting in an unconscious act, recording, analyzing, readjusting through memory and reason in split second time-frames within millisecond delays..  I hold to the notion… "Trust that which gives you meaning and accept it as your guide." Carl Gustav Jung.
My interests lay in investigating the ability of experiencing and moving through a fluid time space where the known and unknown coexist. Through my work I explore the idea of seeing through a holistic scope,  finding what is hidden to better understand one's mind's eye. They embody the idea that one must look past the obvious to find what lies below to see clearly through the deception within perception of one's own illusions. Creating intuitively, diving deep, a rhythm develops, nothing is constant and every point of view is varied. Coded mind maps emerge combining figuration and abstraction within a visual playing field that is in constant motion, moving forwards and backward in a meandering fashion influenced by the previous action varied perspectives evolve instinctively striving forward harmonizing the divide to a holistic focus, stopping time to reflect and analyse creates what could be seen as autobiographical narratives.

    Adopting different ways of looking and thinking lead to expressing ideas in other forms: 3D and Sound Art. My 3D work is compelled by a need to go beyond the 2D surface taking an inner dialogue to a physical manifestation. My sound art is founded in ideals of equality conveyed through a reinterpretation of the postscript of a captured image of my art to sound art, experienced through an audiovisual presentation or ambient sound. 

    Through my art I continually renew the way I perceive my world and invite you to look from the inside out. 


Jeanette Luchese resides in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada. A multidisciplinary artist working within the disciplines of drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture and sound art. An honor graduate of School of Design and Visual Art, Georgian College (2008), and Sheridan College School of Design (1976). Recipient of the Juror’s Choice Award, South Simcoe Art Council Emerging Artist Exhibition in 2008, recipient of Georgian College Scholarship’s Awards "Excellence in Art Studio Award" in 2008, 2009, as well in 2009, BAC "Excellence in Art Award”. Presented with the Award ‘Creativity 2012’ Salerno, Italy. 2012 and 2015 received an Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Grant, awarded through recommender MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie, Ontario. 2014 Awarded an Individual Arts Grant from the City of Barrie, Culture Grant. In 2014 received the "Great Visual Arts Golden Eagle Trophy - Award of Honour, Salerno, Italy, and Curry’s Art Award - Honorable Mention in “Drawing 2014” John B. Aird Gallery in Toronto.

A First Generation Italian-Canadian born in Toronto, Ontario” I did not realize I was not in Italy until I attended school” although humorous and perhaps a slight exaggeration the underpinned meaning within this statement is the initial impetus which has emerged an art practice embroiled in investigating the deception in perception.

2015: “Dejavu – Reconstructing the Perception” will be showcased in the Meridian and Blue Galleries at the Aurora Cultural Centre from Sat Feb 28 to Sat April 25, 2015. Opening March 7th, 2015 1 pm. 

Summary of notable exhibitions: The Creation of Visual Syntax, Solo Exhibition, curated by Sarah Elizabeth Leonard, The Front Room Gallery, Barrie, Ontario: Abstract Journey, Art World Fine Art, Toronto, Ontario: 'HUMAN RIGHTS?'#MEMENTO – FROM WAR TO PEACE, Curator - Roberto Ronca 110 ARTISTS | 24 NATIONS Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti Rovereto, Italy: Drawing? Painting? Questioning the traditional Double Door Studio Gallery, Barrie, Ontario; Reconstructing Reality, (Solo) The Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery, Sutton, Ontario; Drawing 2014  John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto; Sound Art - ‘0025’ survey of Classwar Karaoke (UK)’; Group exhibition in Salerno, Italy, at the Archives of Contemporary Architecture, International Exhibition of the Art of Peace and Visual Contemporary "GREAT VISUAL ART'S GOLDEN EAGLE TROPHY 2014" : Roverto, Italy “#Migrantes, Human Rights?” 2013 - 2014 curated by Roberto Ronco; The Seven Deadly Sins, “Lust” 2013 Leece, Italy: theEAGL quadriART 2013, EAGL Gallery, Berlin; 2012 -2013 Rassegna Spettacolo di Arti Visive:’ I colori dell’Arte’ Complesso Monumentale di Santa Sofia per l’Arte Contemporanea, Salerno, Italy organized by Bruno di Cerbo: Touring exhibition of HUMAN RIGHTS’ 2012 curated by Roberto Ronca (Lecce to Rovereto (Trento) Italy), bringing awareness to Human Rights globally: ‘The Blue Water International Sculpture Exhibit (2010-2012)’, curated by John Sauvé, with sculptures in Port Huron, Michigan U.S.A and in Sarnia, ON Canada (2009 - 2012) within interests of blurring boundaries through art: Out of the UK, Sound Art ‘0019, ‘0021’ and ‘0023’ survey of Classwar Karaoke (UK)’ curated by: Adrian Beetjes, Anthony Donovan and Jaan Patterson: 2011, Gallery Moos Toronto ‘Works on Paper’ at Art11 - Montreal, A Group Exhibition curated by Rupert Young: 2010, ‘21st Century Abstraction: A Group Exhibition, curated by Joan Ferneyhough, Ferneyhough Gallery North Bay, Ontario, Canada.