Courtney Elyse Miller

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Tangled Reflections, 2012 Ink, Chinamarker, Plexi 72 In By 36 In
Untitled 1, 2012 Ink, Chinamarker, Plexi 32 In By 46 In
Untitled 2, 2012 Ink, Chinamarker, Plexi 32 In By 46 In
Unititled 3, 2012 Ink, Chinamarker, Plexi 24 In By 30 In
Quick Facts
SUNY New Paltz, New York, 2012, BFA
mixed-media, abstract, conceptual
Dishabituation Series

In the Dishabituation Series I play with the illusion of depth and space with layered transparencies, ink and collage. The silhouettes cast from ink and line drawings onto the wall and underlying layers creates a discerning and contemplative space of stimulation encouraging people to reassess their familiarity of perception. The result is the intoxicating experience of losing one’s sense of time, place, and personal identity with form, light, shadow and color.