Nirit Zer

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Tel Aviv
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Tel Aviv
The School of Visual Arts Savannah and New York, 2000, bfa
The New York Film Academy, 2002, diploma
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independent artist


My name is Nirit Zer & I'm a self portrait artist.

At 22, i arrived to NYC, 

where I earned my Bachelor Of Fine Arts degree from The School of Visual Arts,                                                                                                                                                                           my digital directing diploma from The New York Film Academy 

& 5 great years in the most amazing city in the world. 

It was back than, in 1995, 

at my first Brooklyn apartment, 

where the first self portrait of I here project was taken.


Located in an unknown time + space,  

I here project is a never ending autobiography, 

made out of endless individual self portraits in every possible medium:  

Photograph's, video's, digital work's, 3d's, painting's, mixed Media's, illustration's & text's.

Since it’s creation, 

i here project has reached hearts in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, Paris, 

Madrid, Teheran, Sydney, Casablanca, Beijing, Santorini , Tokyo, Moskow & more.

All of the works of are limited edition artworks, 

located at my studio.


I here project is the 1st Prize Winner of The Arte Laguna Prize in Venice.


Selected exhibitions, awards & publications include:

Cutlog, New York, 2014 

The Santorini Biennale Of Peace, Santorini, 2014

Arte film festival by Arte & Cutlog, New York, 2014

The International Photography Festival, Carmel ,2014

Harvard University + The International Photography Festival,

Guest lecturer about , 2014

Pixel Awards, Finalist,, 2014

The Lumen Prize, Selected artist for the online Gallery, 2014

Art Laguna Prize, 1st  Prize winner in virtual art, for, 2013

The Buisness For Arts Special Prize of Arte Laguna, for , 2013

Associazione Culturale Arti Figurative Artemisia Gallery, 2013, Excellency Prize, 2013

Saatchi Online Gallery, Artist, 2013

Juliet Art Magazine, Italy, 2013

Artribune Magazine, Italy, 2013

Venice Culture, Italy, 2013

Hybrid Identities, International art expo, Edinburgh, 2013

Gallery 7, Mumbai, 2012

Festival Of Contemporary Visions, Art Cloud # 4, Florence, 2012

Smart Cities, International art expo, Venice, 2012

Los  Angeles Center For Digital Arts,  Snap to grid Art walk, L.A. 2012

New York  Studio Gallery, Reality show,  NYC, 2011

The Christian Peugeot  Gallery, Paris, 2010

Pavilion Dauphine, Paris, 2010

Genome International Digital art contest, 1st prize , Toronto, 2009


“…Nirit Zer's work shows an interesting research on the concept of identity...A research that becomes even more interesting if applied to the virtual dimension…where the concept of self portrait undergoes a necessary reinterpretation and redefinition. ”

Igor Zanti
Italy, Curator and Art Critic. Head of Arte Laguna Prize, Venice

From his speech at the award ceremony, when he honored  The 1st prize of The Arte Laguna Prize 

Venice, 2013.