Robert Billings

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The underwater inspire you when you fish? It sort of reminds me ( your work ) of the colours that you see amongst the banks, and lieing under the water the irregular shapes the surprises of nature and the man made..Jem
Comment by: Jemma Nyagah on Tuesday 10/20/09 at 7:46 PM
"Russian Art Week" International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts
Hi. Welcome to the "Russian Art Week" International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts, which will be held in Moscow (27 September-3 October, 2009) and St. Petersburg (6-11 October, 2009). Program and the competition include 6 international contests: 1)Painting Competition, 2)Graphic Competition, 3)Design Competition, 4)Photography Competition, 5)Sculpture Competition, 6)Crafts Competition. There are two ways to participate for the competition – online (IN ABSENTIA) and in person (INTERNAL WAY). If you are interested in this project - please contact me Our Website: Fedor
Comment by: ART WEEK on Friday 08/21/09 at 10:41 AM
interesująca i godna uwagi postawa :-)
Comment by: wojtek kielar on Monday 06/22/09 at 3:19 PM
Congratulations Robert!! You richly deserve it and many more to come.I am also very pleased to see that there are more number of winners in each category which bodes well for the competition. There is so much talent around. I believe we are all creative, we are all great and there is enough for everyone. . All the best, Seshadri
Comment by: Seshadri Sreenivasan on Sunday 05/10/09 at 2:32 PM
Now I Know
As it is said in the Title, now i know how too lol!
Comment by: Mazlan "SKOPE" Ahmad on Friday 05/01/09 at 4:36 PM