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installation shot from Tracings, Aarhus, May 2013 © Photo by crys cole.
creation shot during Tracings, Aarhus , 2013 © Photo by crys cole
performing as part of Oren Ambarchi's Knots Ensemble in Oslo , June 2013 © Photo by Lasse Marhaug
solo performance, Hard Hat, Geneva (CH) , May 2013 © photo by Pablo Hurtado
unraveling (1), Prague , May 2013 © photo by Martin Blažíček
unraveling (2), Prague , May 2013 © photo by Martin Blažíček
duo performance with Margarida Garcia, Trem Azul, Lisbon , June 2013 © photo by Oren Ambarchi
wild pigs in Kobe , March 2013 © crys cole
recording with Tim Olive in Kobe , March 2013 © crys cole
solo performance, Café V lesse, Prague , June 2012 © photo by Oren Ambarchi
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crys cole is a Canadian sound artist working in improvised performance and sound installation. Active listening is the fundamental core of her practice. By drawing out subtle and imperfect sounds through simple purposeful gestures she aims to concentrate the listeners focus and in turn, reveal the broader sound environment that exists around and within us. She has exhibited work and performed extensively in live improvisation settings across Canada, Europe, Japan and in the USA, collaborating with an array of artists including Tetuzi Akiyama, Tim Olive, Christof Kurzmann, echo ho, Jamie Drouin & Lance Austin Olsen, Oren Ambarchi, Keith Rowe and many more.

crys cole cv

sound artist
b. 1976


Self taught artist
Interdisciplinary studies in Fine Art at Concordia University 2002 / 2006


2013 UPCOMING: solo performances & collaborations in France, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal and Czech Republic
• Solo performance, Café Oto – London (UK)
• Solo performance, Brugata – Oslo (NO)
• Solo & collaboration with Johnny Chang, Seiji Morimoto, Pierce Warnecke & Derek Shirley, Emitter 19 – Berlin (DE)
• Japan tour: Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Tokyo in collaborations with Tim Olive, Takahiro Kawaguchi, James Rushford & Joe Talia.
• Solo performances and collaborations with Alice Hui-Sheng, Nigel Brown, Anthea
Caddy, James Rushford & Joe Talia, various venues – Melbourne (AU)
• Performances at the NOW now Festival – Sydney (AU) Japan tour (March), 2012
2012 • Solo performance, aceartinc. – Winnipeg, MB
• Solo performance, Negative Space – Winnipeg, MB
• Japan tour: Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo, solo & collaborative performances with Tim Olive, Haco, Jerry Gordon, Yangjah & Tetuzi Akiyama.
2011 • Solo + trio performances with Tim Olive (JP) & Jeffrey Allport (SK) in Regina + Saskatoon, SK
• Solo performance, aceartinc. – Winnipeg, MB
• Solo and duo performance with Oren Ambarchi at Scaniaparken – Malmo (SW)
• Solo and trio with Jamie Drouin + Lance Austin Olson, Vancouver Island School of Art – Victoria, BC
• Solo performance, Sub Strata Festival – Seattle, WA
• Solo performance, Western Front – Vancouver, BC
• Duo performances in Prague (CZ) with Christof Kurzmann (AT), in Berlin (DE) with Seiji Morimoto (JP/DE), and in Cologne (DE) with echo ho (DE)
• Solo performances in Marseilles (FR), Cologne (DE), Vienna (AT) April/May
• Solo performance, Super Deluxe – Tokyo, Japan
2010 • Trio tour with Keith Rowe (UK/FR) and Oren Ambarchi (AU); Music Gallery, Toronto, ON, la Sala Rosa, Montreal, QC and Littlefield, Brooklyn, NY.
• Collaborative live score for Murnau’s 1926 silent film Faust with Curtis Walker, the Winnipeg Cinematheque - Winnipeg, MB
• Duo performance with Christof Kurzmann (AT), What’s up Vienna!, Urban Shaman Gallery - Winnipeg, MB
• Collaborative telematic concert with Echo Ho (DE), Joomi Seo (VAN) & Sheng Jie (CN) as part of Strawberry Jam exhibition, Centre A – Vancouver, BC
• Solo Performance, Golden City Fine Art – Winnipeg, MB
2009 • Solo performance + trio with Massimo Puppilo (IT) and Oren Ambarchi (AU), O’ Gallery – Milan, Italy
• Solo performance, Bronson Club – Ravenna Italy
• Solo performance, cre8ery – Winnipeg, MB
• Solo performance, aceartinc. – Winnipeg, MB
• European tour: Paris, Berlin, Cologne & Brussels, solos & collaborations with Rinus Van Alebeek, Julie Rousse, Clare Cooper and Christine Abdelnour.
• Trio with Kai Fagashinski (Berlin) and Jeffrey Allport (Vancouver) & Duo with Josh Stevenson (Vancouver) Your Hit Parade festival, Vancouver, BC
2008 • Solo performance + duo with Sick Buildings (Josh Rose), Access Gallery – Vancouver, BC
• Solo performance, Ragpickers Annex - Winnipeg, Manitoba.
2007 • Solo performance, send + receive: a festival of sound - Winnipeg, Manitoba.
2005 • Action Vacuum trio with Jeffrey Allport + Lee Hutzulak,.BLIM, Vancouver, BC.
• Solo presentation of composition Sand, BLIM Gallery - Vancouver, BC.
• Concrete Jungle: Trio with Brady Cranfield and Josh Rose BLIM, Vancouver, BC
2004 • Trio with Josh Rose and Brady Cranfield, Panic/Sleep festival, Vancouver, BC.
2003 • Solo performance, OR Gallery, Open Circuits festival – Vancouver, BC.
2002 • Duo with David Smith, Rad’a Gallery - Montreal, QC.
• Duo with duul_drv, Casa del Popolo - Montreal, QC.
2001 • Group improvisation with Diane Labrosse, Jackie Gallant, Magali Babin, Lori Freidman, Becky Foon and Julie Rousse, Casa del Popolo – Montreal, QC.
• Trio with Sam Shalabi and Will Glass, Casa del Popolo – Montreal, QC.
• 3 Heures: 3 hour collaboration with 7 artists at Sala Rosa – Montreal, QC.
• Nager Noyer: 10 piece ensemble, at le Piscine St.Michel - Montreal, QC.
Performance recorded and presented on Le Navire Night CBC Radio.
2000 • Duo with David Smith, Gallery 1200 - Toronto, Ont.


2012 • Ensemble (Wallace Stevens), composer Jason Brogan, member of quartet for Wandelweiser und so weiter compilation (Another Timbre / UK)
• she was a quisling… duo with Oren Ambarchi, Substrata festival compilation.
• Black Plume, trio LP with Oren Ambarchi & Keith Rowe (Bocian Records / PL)
• Linnaeus' Hydra, trio CD with Jamie Drouin & Lance Austin Olson (Infrequency Editions / CA)
• Guest on Audience of One by Oren Ambarchi (AU) (Touch Music / UK)
2009 • Live May 12, 2007, send + receive: 10 years of sound compilation (send+receive editions / CA)
• sand, CD-r release (self-released for European tour)
• A Useful Piece, soundtrack collaboration with Curtis Walker for Useless Things film by Faisal Lutchmedial (MTL)
2003 • Record Covers, edition of 33.3 (rpm), collaboration with Travis Obrigavitch.
Object series for squint fucker press (CA) curated by Christof Migone.


2013 • Tracings: Aarhus, Denmark 2013 – Spanien 19C (SPOR festival), Aarhus (DK)
• Unravelling, sound piece – Gallery Díra, Prague (CZ)
• sweeper, Volume: Hear here group exhibition, Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2012 • Tracings, site-specific sound installation – RAW Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2010 • sweeper, audio/video installation – Centre A, Strawberry Jam group exhibition, Vancouver, BC.
2009 • sweeper, sound + video installation – Ace Art, Bringing Home the Bacon group exhibition, Winnipeg, MB

2013 Manitoba Arts Council Creation Production Grant (B)
2012 Canada Council for the Arts Grant to Professional Musician
Winnipeg Arts Council Individual Artist Grant
Winnipeg Arts Council Professional Development Grant
2011 Canada Council for the Arts Travel Grant
Manitoba Arts Council Travel/Professional Development grant
2009 Winnipeg Arts Council Professional Development grant
2008 Winnipeg Arts Council Special Opportunities grant
2003 Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography prize for photography piece ‘3 Days’ from Concordia University.


2013 Q-02 Residency, Brussels (BE) April - May 2013
2011 Grands Terrains, Laboratoire Artistique in Marseilles, France, April 2011
Opekta Ateliers, in Cologne, Germany, May 2011


Present • Artistic / Executive Director; send + receive: a festival of sound, Winnipeg, MB. (2008 - present)
• Radio host; send + receive radio on CKUW 95.9 FM - Winnipeg. 2008 – present.
2012 • Workshop leader; Performance and Electro-acoustic Improvisation in association with Holofon Audio Arts in Regina & Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2010 • Curator; sleep… in the gallery – film and live audio program exploring hypnotic themes, aceartinc. Winnipeg, MB.
• Lecturer; Women & Sound Art, at Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA), Winnipeg, MB.
2009 • Author; Catalog essay for Ken Gregory’s work wind coil sound flow at Gallery
1C03, Winnipeg, MB, for inclusion in the National Gallery of Canada archives.
• Project coordinator; send + receive 10 Years of Sound 2 DVD box set
• Juror; Canada Council for the Arts, New Music Section, Ottawa, ON.
2007 • Author; Zen and the Art of Listening - Article/review, Poolside magazine, Winnipeg, MB.
2008 • Juror; Video Pool Media Arts Centre, Media Production Fund, Winnipeg, MB.
2004 • Co-Director; PANIC/SLEEP festival, Vancouver, MB.
2001 • Co-Curator; 3 Heures event, with Roger Tellier-Craig, Montreal, QC.
• Music editor, contributing writer and photographer; La Voce del Popolo, art & culture magazine, Montreal, QC.
• Radio host; Jazz Euphorium on CKUT 90.3 FM – Montreal, QC – 2001 – 2002
• Radio host; Panic on CKUT 90.3 FM Radio McGill -Montreal. –1999 – 2001