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At the age of 6, I wanted to be an astronaut. At 9, I wanted to be Beethoven, and my ambitions have been growing steadily ever since from art, design, poetry, theater, sculpture and music performances, everyday a little more Silvestri.
Born in 1959, Firenze, Italia and raised in Chicago, IL. Where at the age of 7 was child prodigy of music and art inspired by his mother’s artistic nature and the colors and scents of her cooking in the kitchen.

His life has revolved around the arts, performing and music, as far as he can remember, from drawing and designs to music performance, contemporary composition, and theatre to songwriting, however his real passion lies in contemporary drawing, sculpting and painting.

His formal education in art, music and design, foundation and graphic design gave him his start and he has spent the past 20 years exploring and refining his personal style through his favorite medium of painting. He is world known for his “Masks” series collected worldwide, Thomas looks to the world around him for inspiration and strives to deliver his take on his experiences through his artwork.

In his journey to discover his own personal style he looked to other well know artists for guidance and inspiration. One of his favorite artists Salvador Dali, provoked him to explore his interest in surrealism and experimental art while pushing the boundaries and limits of contemporary art.

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