Alice Kiderman

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Palette. October2012

"... The globular, pulsing, throbbing evocations of human emotion in sculpture by Alice  Kiderman". M.J. Albacete, Executive Director, Canton Museum of Art. [more]
Posted by Alice Kiderman on 1/16/13

Artist Statement

  Artist Statement Mountains, rocks, and stone have always fascinated me, since they are some of the few authentic relics we can touch and embrace, that are the “messengers” of the history of our planet. Similarly, craftsmanship in stone, a natural material which is an indispensable part of Earth, is something I’ve been passionate about preserving in this era of fast moving and fast created objects of Art. We don’t seem to have the time it takes. The process of creating art forms in stone... [more]
Posted by Alice Kiderman on 1/16/13

When Stone Speaks, by Tom Wachunas

When Stone Speaks…   By Tom Wachunas   “I don’t know of any good work of art that doesn’t have a mystery.” - Henry Moore   Exhibition: Made in Stone: Human Journey in Time, sculpture by Alice Kiderman. The Canton Museum of Art, 1001 Market Avenue North, Canton, Ohio. THROUGH October 28.   By postmodern aesthetic standards (if in fact there is such a thing), the free-standing stone sculptures by Alice Kiderman might seem somewhat dated. At first blush, several of them... [more]
Posted by Alice Kiderman on 1/9/13