Sinta Jimenez

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To The Surface © sinta jimenez
Schizophrenia of Love
Love Gun
Gayatri Prayer Book
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Otis College of Art and Design, 2010
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Mother and Child Collaborative Art - Artist Statement

After watching my two-year-old daughter finish a basic elementary project of oil pastels and watercolors at our home I was inspired to create a series of paintings with her in the span of about two and a half months. I wanted to work with the basic impulse of a very young child and the organic reaction to color and medium that has not yet been influenced by the instruction of art lessons, art history, or the world of art at large. To me these paintings embody not just the work of my child but a purity of creation as it is a creativity that draws from no other influence other than the initial, unadulterated impulse of a human being to use color and medium to create new form.

She showed a natural inclination towards certain colors and shapes yet a beautiful spontaneity of drawing. What is interesting about this series is how the color of the paintings evolved over the span of two months. Initially she was very drawn to dark colors, as I believe the contrast against white canvas was more visually interesting. However, as time went on the paintings got lighter in color with our final painting, “Dragonfly” being the lightest of all with her choosing to only work with watercolors.

Every decision and contribution was performed on her own with all available mediums laid before her which she chose at her will. She often began with oil pastels and then asked for watercolors or acrylics. Methodologically she always worked first and I would finish up the work by filling in white spaces where she had missed color and then added a linoleum block print at the end. As this was a collaborative effort with a child I focused on whimsical prints of her favorite animals and animal like creatures. She would also help in the printing process by smoothing the linoleum block against the canvas. She would also state she was “Done” when she no longer wanted to continue with a painting showing an innate sense of artistic completion.

Sanskrit is considered the world’s oldest language and its linguistic structure is nearly perfect. I believe that perfection comes from the basic impulse that arranges this early language as an instinctive speech. In the same way, the series of paintings I have done with my daughter is an inventory of the basic impulse and instincts of a human being to create and a meditation on the perfection of that creativity. Her painting and drawing is a purity of creativity that I felt was important to archive in multiple paintings and now believe is important to share through exhibition.


Sinta Jimenez has exhibited her fine art and mixed media prints at Black Rock Arts Center, The People's Ball 2012, and Artomatic 2012. She will be exhibiting again at the Yellow Barn Studio Gallery in 2013.