Loredana Messina

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AFFORDABLE ART EXHIBITION | relaunch - call fo artists!
May find it interesting.. :) Vibe Gallery is proud to launch the next incarnation of our now famous Affordable Arts Exhibition This time we are featuring a totally revised and new project, which is fully dedicated to the promotion and the visibility of the artist! This chic and stylish exhibition will run for two weeks in the picturesque and quirky location of the Vibe Gallery. Our opening night event will introduce this fabulous event with live a DJ, performances, bar and nibbles, all the while you will be surrounded by cutting-edge contemporary art. Vibe Gallery offers a great atmosphere in the heart of the artistic Southwark Borough, and this is a great occasion to showcase artists from the entire World. We like to consider this event as our intimate and personal affordable art exhibition. We’re happy to show all kinds of artwork, and always welcome up-and-coming, creative and innovative artists to participate and exhibit with us. Rates will be affordable, and we will exhibit art from £40 to £4000. Although the space is wide, we can't offer proper stands to the artists, however, they will treat their slot as a personal stand, and fit in catalogues or flyers or business cards into their area, as well small videos. There will be then a small catalogue dedicated to the event with a photo and bio of each artist, and a special microsite dedicated to our project. Featured Artists: DANIELE AFFERNI, ALYRICAL, ELISA CRISTIANO, ANGELO DE FRANCISCO, RINALDO DEGRADI, LINZI LOUISE, ANTONIA MYATT, CHRISTINA PEAKE, MARTINE POPPE, ANGELENE TULETT.
Comment by: Vibe Gallery on Tuesday 04/09/13 at 1:09 PM
High street
Love the architetural paitings, remins me of a modern day Lowery, stirs the immagination.
Comment by: dinonola on Sunday 03/10/13 at 5:52 PM
Colori di Sicilia
Beautiful painting. Truly represents Sicily. Haven't seen anything like this before, original and stunning!
Comment by: Mellin on Wednesday 01/23/13 at 7:01 AM
Wonderful representation of Venice!
Comment by: Richard West on Sunday 01/13/13 at 2:46 PM